Michele’s Letter on the Landfill Meeting

Fellow SF912 Group Members,

You should be very encouraged by the outcome of the County Commissioner’s special meeting today. It was a huge victory for the tax payers of Palm Beach County. It was also a perfect example of how important it is to SHOW UP to the party!
The commissioners allowed a bidding process to escalate to a final decision on two pieces of property to be used for a new landfill. The problem . . . both properties were offered at almost 4 times the appraised value of the land! Instead of sending back the ridiculous numbers to be re-submitted at a fair price, or finding other sellers, the Commissioners voted to go ahead and hear proposals from both sides.Each gathered lawyers and supporters to lobby for why their site was less of an eyesore and less of an environmental nightmare than the competition. When the proposals were finished, tax payers and 912 members from our group stood up and called out the Commissioners on the price of this property, asking them if they would ever pay 3 times the amount on something they were paying for with their own money. Mr Santamaria was the sole commissioner who pointed out that the reason the deal got this far and the landowners had the nerve to ask this price was because in the past, that is what they had come to expect. He also pointed out that this should be the opportunity to send a clear message to the people who want to do business with the county and our dollars in the future. . . WE WILL NOT OVERPAY! Jess Santamaria, of course has told the rest of the Commissioners from the beginning that this is unacceptable
I would like to point out that Karen Marcus was the chair of this special issue, and she handled it with class. Karen is working with the South Florida Water Management District to try to work out a land swap that would cost the taxpayers nothing for the property. The final result may be a land swap, or it may be a new bidding process, but for now it is a HUGE VICTORY for taxpayers. Please continue to follow County Commissioner issues, as these are things we can be a part of changing just by showing up with our neighbors.
I want to give a special shout out to Terressa Harrington,from our group, as it was her Birthday today and she made the time to be there and to be sure that the commissioners responsible for this had a special kind of egg on their face!!! It was Great!
If anyone has questions about this, or any other CC issue please feel free to contact me at 262-0501.

Michele Kirk
America’s Finest Embroidery Co.

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