First Amendment Challenges

So far, other than their attempt to muzzle Glenn Beck and attacks on Fox News, there has not been an overt move by the Administration to limit free speech. In the works however, are initiatives like the “Fairness Doctrine”, “Diversity”, “Localism”, which would be effective in limiting the reach of conservative talk radio. With Mark LLoyd in the FCC, it will be a serious fight.

This post will track these and other issues.


One Response to “First Amendment Challenges”
  1. chick says:

    What’s being openly done through the state medias , where everyone can read and hear it , is for me a small concern compared to what the administration (FCC,Cass Susstein,etc) are doing behind closed doors. I for one cannot understand where all these socialists came from. We can only pray the right will start to investigate these czars declare them illegal.

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