Tea Party Health Reform Protest – Ron Klein’s Office

Organized to coincide with the large rally in Washington DC on 11/5 in opposition to what has become known as PelosiCare (aka. ObamaCare), a group of patriots in Palm Beach County assembled in front of Representative Ron Klein’s office (FL 22) on Glades Road in Boca Raton. The protest was organized by Meg Shannon of South Florida Tea Party and many of the South Florida 9-12 Project took part.

In addition to the protest, many participants made their way up to the congressman’s second floor office and exchanged views with District Director Felicia Goldstein.  She was very gracious, and stated that Representative Klein has not decided yet how he will vote.  In particular, she said he doesn’t want to vote for a bill unless it is deficit neutral – although he does  believes that HR-3962 will meet that test.   Given that the vote is coming up quickly, please put your own views on record by calling the local office at 561-544-6910, or communicating through the website at www.klein.house.gov

Reading of “the bill” HR 3962 began at noon the day before, but by noon, less than 300 pages out of 1990 had been read and dropped into the “coffin” for mock burial. “Kill the Bill” was the rallying cry, and many passing cars honked their horn and shouted their encouragement.

A local news team from NBC affiliate WPTV channel 5 was on hand, and interviewed Meg and Ed Fulop of 9-12, including a walk back up to the congressman’s office with camera.  Check out the video  here

Here are a few pictures from the event.


One Response to “Tea Party Health Reform Protest – Ron Klein’s Office”
  1. Nancy Hogan says:

    I was in DC yesterday trying to conquer the Hill in order to Kill the Heathcare Bill. It was wonderful being surrounded by thousands of like minded Patriots from all over this great nation.

    Access to the lawn in front of the Captol was greatly restricted with necessity to climb over walls to show your support against this ill conceived , poorly written take over of healthcare legislation. By the way, Nancy Pelosi is responsible for facilities. It almost seemed like an Acorn tactic to prevent us from stating our case.

    However, do not fear, my fellow freedom fighters. Congress heard us loud and well. Our voices echoed off the Capitol so loudly they probably could hear us on our Mexican border!

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