County Commission Changes Position on Inspector General

Has our petition won the day?   Today’s Palm Beach Post reports in the story: “County commissioners won’t be involved in inspector general selection”  that

Palm Beach County, bowing to pressure from community watchdogs, will no longer require that county commissioners be allowed to sign off on the hiring of a corruption-fighting inspector general.

County Attorney Denise Neiman said Friday that her office will delete a requirement in its plan for the proposed Office of Inspector General that would have allowed the seven-member commission to confirm the person who is ultimately hired to fill the post.

Under the revision, commissioners will not be involved in the selection process, she said.

The provision had drawn the ire of members of the Tea Party movement Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck’s 9-12 Project. The groups have been circulating petitions demanding total independence in “authority, budget and jurisdiction.”

Emphasis is mine 🙂

For an update on how the documents have changed, see:  100% Inspector General

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