Glenn Beck will be here tomorrow!

It is 8pm on Thursday night and I just got home from my daughters cheerleading practice and my son just finished his band practice.  Dinner is cooking and all I can think about is did my husband manage to get a ticket to see Glenn for tomorrow? He left right after work and then his cell phone died… typical in the Armstrong home ( ha ha). I heard from Ed that the line was really long today and he was there about 3 he got his magical ticket at about 5pm. He said the line was really long. The way the blogs tell it Glenn barely has time to say hello to you. However I still really want to go. So we will see if my hubby can come thru. I do know he will do his best that is for sure. I will go after work tomorrow as soon as I can to see Glenn even if from a distance and to help recruit for our group, inspector general petitions, and some candidate petitions.  I will be looking for all the Glenn Beck fans out there tomorrow and I hopefully will get my book signed! Wish me luck …

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