Glenn Beck Comes to Jupiter!

Over 1500 people (media estimate) queued up outside Books-a-Million in Jupiter today to get Glenn Beck to sign their copy of “Arguing with Idiots”.  Thinking it was likely that most of these people would have an affinity for the 9-12 Project mission, members of the group were there passing out business cards and telling folks about our organization.   Everyone asked took a card and although they were aware of 9-12 nationally, hadn’t heard of the South Florida group.   Hopefully, we will get some new members from these Glenn Beck fans.

With a large media (and police) presence, the crowd was orderly as you’d expect, and there were no counter-demonstrations noticed.  Read the Palm Beach Post article here.

Here are a few pictures from the event, including those provided by Ed and Shannon:


4 Responses to “Glenn Beck Comes to Jupiter!”
  1. cmoffett Cherilyn says:

    Incredible crowd. Met some great like-minded people. Shook Glenn’s hand and said “thanks!” What a Friday night.

  2. We had such a great time glad to see so many people!

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