What an Experience…

Words are hard to form however after having to work all day today and coming down off the high of meeting Glenn I can say truly he is a GREAT Man. He was genuine, he looked people in the eye, HE SIGNED MY SHIRT, ha ha it was really cool. My kids while we were waiting in line read the Children’s Christmas Sweater book and really loved it. They were well behaved, while we stood amongst a crowd of 912ers. Reports say there was over 1500 people there. I was so glad to see so many people from our group. Everyone was so cheerful and excited it was really fun. Doug with the help of Michele, Ellen and Jason was able to get 72 petitions signed for Ed Lynch as well. They also shared info about our 912 site to help out our recruitment. The biggest part for me was meeting Glenn I told him about being the Organizer from the South Florida 912 and he was so excited to see me. He shook my hand and told me directly that he needs our group and wants us to tune in on Monday night for “the plan.” He also was glad and appreciated the Grass roots movement. Doug gave Glenn the Principles Not Parties bracelet and Glenn signed our Washington DC poster that we all signed on the bus after the 912 event. We will get it framed and bring to the next event. I will be leaving out of town but I want to remind every to please keep trying to talk to at least 4 people a day and get them to join our network. I also want to remind everyone that we need to get the inspector general petitions signed it is very important

go to igpetition.southflorida912.0rg

Keep informed and stay active !

Have a very safe and Blessed Thanksgiving

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