Doug Being Interviewed

Doug being interviewed

Doug being interviewed


4 Responses to “Doug Being Interviewed”
  1. Wasn’t it an honor to meet Glenn Beck on Friday night? I grew up watching men like Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings, and Hugh Downs report the news… I learned what was happening in the world from the newspaper, and from watching men like them on ABC, CNN, etc etc… I believed them, and I just trusted that their sources were accurate.

    And unbiased.

    The naivety of youth? Or has the drive of the mainstream media noticably changed in my short lifetime? Hmm. Maybe it’s a combination… that brought me to this point.

    And you.

    And Glenn.

    And so many of us… so many of whom I got to smile at, take pictures with, engage in deep talk with, and some brief pats on the shoulder in crowded passing.

    Friday was a special night. It felt rewarding to have Glenn Beck thank me, and thank Shannon, for the work that so many of us have done together in the last 8 months. I hoisted our “9/12 March On DC” posterboard, explained in brief how all those signatures were who is making the difference… ordinary, American folks like you and I.

    Thanks for showing us en masse, and for *everything* each of you have done. Glenn Beck, no less, and his staff have noticed all that you have done. Go forward!! Keep it going! I love your energy, 912ers!


  2. Jason Jason says:

    AWSOME, We got to keep getting the word out every opportunity we have. I will start talking also for the group to reporters, Douglas is a little camera shy! Love You Man.

  3. Rich Martin Rich Martin says:

    Doug and Shannon, I am so proud of what you guys are accomplishing down there. Your passion is driving your success and providing results. It was so great to see you guys over the triptophan holiday. We look forward to the next time and the opportunity to be with you guys on your next trek to DC.

    Rich Martin

  4. Wow Rich glad you joined! Great to have spent the time with not only a family member but a fellow patriot!

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