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Last week I wrote a letter in which I agreed with Congressman Rooney’s (R-FL) speech to support the troops in Afghanistan on all three fronts; the surge, integrate with the Afghan people and fight corruption in the Afghan government.

Last week, I posed the question, when do our elected representatives take action beyond the usual stance of writing letters, attending meetings and complying a consensus of opinion. You have done all of that, we the people already have everything that “business as usual” will buy. Our sons and daughters are dying. The time has come, we the people demand direct, effective, decisive, overwhelming, earth shattering action. More of our finest Americans, our brave warriors are dead. Dying for a right and just cause, dying to protect Americans on the home front or dying as political pawns of a faulting administration? Dying while important decisions are being weighed, while facts are being analyzed, dying while political and election strategies are being planned.

We are at war with a brutal and barbaric insurgent army who has never signed the Geneva Convention, does not wear a uniform, hides behind a civilian population and disregards all human life, even their own. What more do you need to know!!!!

You, our elected representative, have failed us. We the people have been deceived, mislead and violated.

The eight year war in Afghanistan has lost its focus, its direction and purpose.

The economy is collapsing under the weight of our national debt, collapsing because you have abandoned free market solutions and because the executive branch has circumvented the Constitution, the backbone of the Republic.

You, our elected representative, have forced your political agenda upon us, all the while failing to identify and evaluated the real risk to our American way of living.

We demand: support of our troops, meet the threat with overwhelming force.

We demand: stop the spending, we are being taxed beyond our means to prosper. We can not spend money we do not have, regardless of its benevolent aspiration.

Repeal “cap and trade“, its simply unrealistic in its application.

Bring reform to our health care needs; not socialized medicine.

Give the stimulus money back to the tax payers. The concept is flawed, the inspiration is reckless, the application is unconstitutional and the results are unconscionable.



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