Glenn Beck at The Villages

Dear Friends and Fellow 9/12 Members,

It was a special treat and privilege for me to see Glenn speak live and in person for the first time, and by now, you’ve all seen videos and heard what a tremendous success that the Glenn Beck book signing/rally in The Villages was.  Therefore, I won’t bore you with a long, drawn out tome.  But it was phenomenal.  And don’t believe any media report claiming less than 30,000 people.  I guesstimate the number at near 35,000 with every age group represented.  Little baby conservatives right up to greatest generation aged conservatives.

I had to park almost half a mile away from the center of the activity, and I didn’t even try to leave for almost an hour due to the traffic.  Note to self; next time drive up the night before, arrive on site early in the morning, and get a nice shady spot.

As far as what Glenn had to say; suffice it to say, we all know about the conventions that will launch in March up in Orlando, the gathering in DC in August, the coming elections, what Congress is doing, and how it all ties together.

Over the coming weeks and months, Glenn is going to be unfolding and shaping his plan right before our eyes.  For those that want to learn and be part of it, there will be conventions, gatherings, and probably lots of other stuff.

To over-state the obvious, we and our fellow citizens are faced with a choice; we can continue to gripe about what’s going on around us, do nothing, and accept the results of that inaction, or we can wrap our arms around the long and arduous task ahead and take part in the historic changes to come.  I think we of the 9/12 group have made our intentions very clear.  Please join me in praying for Glenn’s continued good health and safety on the long road ahead as loss of his voice and leadership would be a travesty.

Finally, I did take several photos of the event: (click to enlarge)

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