WELCOME…to “Rising Sun”: The 912 Patriots Tavern

Come on inside.

It’s time to talk.

When men in the 1700s with names such as George and Benjamin… James and Thomas… realized the need arose to turn their misgivings into time-urgent, honest dialogue about the FUTURE of the British colonies in America…

…they took to one another’s homes. They took up seats in their trusted local taverns.

Over the course of good food and reliable spirits, emerged spirited discussion. A brand new nation forged upon the noble principles of  “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” was the fruit of such tavern talk.

Let’s bring it.

Get engaged.  Speak openly about your Judeo-Christian faith. Speak boldly about your concerns and hopes for Conservative values… for your home community… for the state of Florida… for the United States of America.

Smaller government.

Lower taxes.

Create or reinforce economic programs that encourage small business growth & prosperity… leading to jobs.


No more bailouts.

Reduce wasteful government spending.

Fight government corruption – from our home municipalities, right up to the Federal Government.



Why “Rising Sun,” as the name for my blog? One moment in July 2009  particularly inspired me.  I fulfilled a longtime wish to visit the city of Philadelphia with my wife Shannon and our children. We explored the rooms of Independence Hall together… we listened for the echoes of our forefathers,  speaking long ago with impassioned zeal for the creation of a national Constitution to unite “WE THE PEOPLE” as a sovereign, moral nation under God…

Listening keenly to the National Park Service tour guide inside the imposing bowels of Independence Hall,  my family and I saw page 106 of Glenn Beck’s book “Common Sense” come to life. It reads:  

“After the signing of the Constitution in 1787, Benjamin Franklin spoke about a chair belonging to General (George) Washington. At the top of the chair were the golden rays of the sun. He told Washington that throughout all of the proceedings he had wondered if it was a rising, or a setting sun.

“When Washington asked him, ‘What have you decided, Mr. Franklin?’ he did not hesitate with his response.

“‘It is a RISING SUN.'”







2 Responses to “WELCOME…to “Rising Sun”: The 912 Patriots Tavern”
  1. Great job honey! I love it!

  2. Bob says:

    I think for this group to become a true political force we need to focus on Democrats. I feel that if we are going to endorse and support candidates or even follow primaries we need to do it on both sides. I’m not sure where they can be found but a Democrat that believes in The Constitution could go a long way toward defeating progressives. I really feel going out of our way to support or find such a candidate is important not only to this organization but our country. I think a JFK is actually to the right of a John McCain at least in the sense of personal freedom. If those candidates gain power in the Democrat Party then we are well on our way to restoring The Constitution.

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