Civics for the Representatives

A Republic is a state or government headed by a president, in which power is exercised by officials elected by the voters….the voters; that would be the people.

A Democracy is a government by the people, directly or through representatives. The principals of a Democracy are equality of rights, opportunity and treatment. ARE YOU WITH ME SO FAR?

Capitalism is an economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately owned and operated for profit.

OK, STILL WITH ME? We the People elect you the Representatives to govern, to legislate, regulate and protect us, we the People. When, why and to what end did you the Representatives decide to get into the business of providing goods and services to we the People? You the Representatives have interfered with the bankruptcy courts and disturbed the Bond Market. You have taken our money, remember us, we the people and given it to privately owned businesses of your choosing. You have printed the money you needed to support your political agenda, devaluating my dollars. You have recklessly spent my money and driven our, we the people, debt to historic levels. You are initiating, supporting and proposing more big government involvement with our lives. Your plan is to compete against our businesses. You have failed to identify and evaluate the real risks to our American way of life.

Listen to us. We want government to take care of the business of governing and let the people in the free market place take care of the business of doing business. The threat to our way of life, is not the separation of Church and State, it is the separation of Capital and State.


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  1. AJ keep up the great articles and comments. Well done!

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