Happy New Year from Candidate Tami Donnally

Today is such an exciting time  to be active in the politcal world.  True Patriots, every day folks, are working together to share vital information about our country’s direction, and demanding that our elected officials once again become servants of “We the People.”  I inted to bring a new freshness to the office of Representative.  My greatest asset is that I have never held public office.  I am your neighbor- a wife, mother, grandmother, Floridian, and an American.  I hear your voices, understand your concerns, and am ready to work for YOU!


I just wanted to wish all of our friends and supporters a very happy and blessed new year.  I am so honored to have scored the highest on the debate poll.  As most of you know, I have been a huge supporter of Shannon, Doug and everyone in the 9/12 organization.  I still remember the excitement that I felt at the very first meeting at McKenna’s and the enthusiasm at the other meetings that I attended.  We have the ability to make a big difference in our nation and I will do my part to deserve your support, the same way that I have been doing for the past several years.

Introducing Francisco Rodriguez, Candidate for FL State House, District 83


One of Francisco’s most passionate interests is the relationship between government and the Constitution. Within that document are the guiding principles for local, state, and national public policies—a plumb line for governing. With the Constitution of Florida and the documents handed down from our Founding Fathers as inspiration, Francisco is heading into the public service arena to offer his ideas and commitment to our community. 

* * * 

Francisco  Rodriguez is an active member of such organizations as Florida TaxWatch and the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches. He is also a Board member of the Palm Beach-based Constitution Committee of the United States and serves on the Palm Beach Board of Advisors for The James Madison Institute.  Francisco was born in West Palm Beach and grew up in Palm Beach Gardens. In the late 90s he graduated from Jupiter Christian School, where he developed his taste for politics. A 10th grade American Government teacher introduced him to a book called The Law by Frederick Bastiat, was key to developing his political paradigm. While taking elective classes in History and Constitutional Studies, Francisco went on to get his B.S. in biology at Pensacola Christian College. He currently works as the manager of science and research at Garden of Life, an industry leader in developing dietary health supplements. 

Francisco Rodriguez was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Florida Food Policy Council. The Florida Food Policy Council seeks to promote and monitor government actions that influence the availability, affordability, quality, and safety of our food supply. This includes issues that address child nutrition standards, taxes and regulations, markets for locally-grown food, emergency food supply, farmland preservation, and urban agriculture.  

In 2007 he married the girl of his dreams, fellow District 83 local Stacy Orr. They currently reside in Jupiter with their one year old Wheaten Terrier “Macie.” Francisco and Stacy attend Generation Church and are members of the Somerset of Abacoa Homeowners Association. Their families reside in District 83 as well.   The political and public policy interests of Francisco Rodriguez have nothing to do with impressive titles or identifying with special interest lobbies. He has a deeply rooted conviction to preserve and protect historic Palm Beach County values as well as a passion to promote limited, logical, and low-cost state government. When casting his votes as State Representative from District 83, Francisco Rodriguez will be using his copies of the Florida and the American Constitutions as guides.

New Meetup Thursday January 7th an Invite from DC WORKS FOR US!

Announcing a new Meetup for The South Florida 9-12 Meetup Group!

What: Invitation for a meeting: Next Thursday!

When: January 7, 2010 7:00 PM

Wings Plus
9880 W Sample Rd
Coral Springs, FL 33065
(954) 341-5237

This is an invitation to attend a meeting with DC WORKS FOR US AND OTHER LEADERS FROM PALM BEACH BROWARD AND DADE! Please come out if you can!


Note the SouthFlorida912 has not endorsed any candidate at this juncture!

to review the candidate Blogs look



Dear National Patriots,

The 2010 Election Cycle to replace the House of Representatives is now here. We have the opportunity to turn the first seat here in District 19 of Florida. We need everyone’s help. The whole nation can help campaign in District 19 (Primary 2/2 and General 4/13). Then we take that victory and claim each of our own Districts in November(information below)
1) The Kick Off Party for the District 19 Race
Thursday, January 7th – 7-9:30pm
DC Works For Us Meeting at Wings Plus
9880 Sample Road in Coral Springs (just west of University Drive, south side of street)

Special Guests:
Joyce Kaufman – 810 WFTL Conservative Radio Talk Show Host
Paul Harvey – Let’s Get Loud TV Host, instruction on Voters Registration
Ed Lynch – Republican Candidate for District 19 and Campaign committee

Grassroots Organizations joining us for the event:
South Florida Conservative – Marcos Sendon
South Florida 9/12 – Shannon Armstrong
Parkland 9/12 – Beth Culbertson
Plantation 9/12 – Marty Hughes
Broward Tea Party – Danita Kilcullen
Karen Moore – Fort Lauderdale Tea Party Organizer
Women Impacting the Nation – Sue Trombino

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out what you can do to impact this race and send a huge message to Washington that we are over their destructive legislation.

2) Campaign for this Special Election
You are needed in this early election season. Efforts to be involved in include phone banking, sign waiving and precinct walking.

GO here for candidate information



I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible!
Do not forget time is running out to vote in the primary as a Republican or Democrat
Please click the link for more info!


Learn more here:

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FH 85 Map

If you’re not sure if you are in this district, click HERE for assistance.

District 85 Demographics

Total 113197

Party DEM REP Other
41.4% 32.3% 26.3%
Race White Black Hispanic Other
75.0% 7.9% 10.7% 6.3%
Age 18-20 21-29 30-55 56-64 65+
3.7% 11.3% 49.8% 15.3% 19.9%

Launch of our 2010 Election Coverage

A Storm is Coming

In preparation for the 2010 election cycle, the South Florida 9-12 Project has begun building an election resource center for information on candidates for local, state, and national races.

Effective activism starts with information, and we want to empower our members with in-depth tools to analyse incumbent performance and candidate promises. For the Congressional races, links to sites like govtrack, congress.org, opensecrets and watchdog.net will provide profiles, finances, voting records and alignment with interest groups. For candidates without a public record, the 9-12 staff will be providing profiles assembled from multiple public sources and input from the candidates themselves and we will provide analysis of issue positions.

Since the candidates that align themselves with our principles and values can reasonably expect our members to support them as volunteers and contributors, we are providing “candidate blog” pages for any candidate to post messages to the group, announce campaign events, and discuss the issues through our comment features. Already we have several candidates participating and we can expect more as the we move into the new year.

Since the inception of this website in October of 2009, we have doubled our viewership every month, and the postings are followed by a wider audience than just the 9-12 membership. Consequently, we hope to become an election resource that voters can come to for fair and balanced information on the candidates, as well as a platform for highlighting (and hopefully helping) conservative candidates with whom we share values.

The South Florida 9-12 Project does not currently plan to endorse any candidates in the primary elections. However, we do have shared positions on issues and the direction of our country, and will not be shy about pointing out which candidates support or oppose our positions.

SO .. Please check out the beginnings of our election section HERE.

We currently have started coverage for Congressional Districts 16, 19, 20, 22 and 23 (with a focus on the special election in 19), as well as Florida House district 85 in which 2 of our members are running in the Republican primary. As time goes on we will add more meat to these areas with profiles and analysis, synopsis of past positions and news items about the candidates, as well as fill in the rest of the races with local interest.

As you will see, there is still a lot of work to do so we are looking for volunteers to help fill out the candidate profiles and do research. No web experience is necessary as we will provide all the tools you need. If you would like to help out, please contact us at info@southflorida912.org

Thank you for visiting southflorida912.org. A STORM IS COMING next year and we plan to be on the front lines in the struggle to restore competent, honest government in Washington, in Tallahassee, and in Palm Beach County!

Happy New Year!

Usually this time of year I am thinking about how I need to eat better and exercise more, times are not just that simple anymore…

I look back over this year and I see politically the disastrous trail left behind for us to try and clean up in this New Year. I also look back and see the beginnings of a Movement that is bringing some of us together like never before. Doug and I started this group in February of 2009 and we thought it would be a book club or a meeting group. We thought we would draft letters to the editor, and contact politicians and try to make a difference both nationally and in our community on a small scale. I never foresaw the March on Washington, the accomplishment of enacting an Inspector General in our county or saving the county aproximately $67 million once the community becoming aware of the proposed  Landfill fiscal disaster,  or even Wexler stepping down and the coming special election. I also never would have believed we would make so many new patriot friends that we never had before. I have learned over this year that WE ARE NOT ALONE! The only way to succeed in these endeavors is by working together and for those who have certain strengths, give them full rein in that area. We have gone from a Meetup group with a number of leaders  to a group of team mates  with over 430+ members on the meetup site and over 100+ on the new website. We have had some ups and downs with leadership and with those bumps we have grown. Some leaders have gone to start their own groups or step back to participate but due to other obligations just remain members. In the process however we have had leaders that have truly shined. Here in the New Year we have a leadership team for the South Florida 912  that is always evolving. Our team  is just that a group of team players that are willing to work together, not against each other for the main purpose. Our strength is you! Looking ahead we need as many people as possible to share the web site name to others and the message. The new web site offers a place for people to share ideas, blog, come up with new events or just get informed. In looking ahead I see so many needs with the main focus , first the special election and then the vote in November. Along the way the steps to get there by each of us may be different however I believe in the end we all have the same goals. I have met and spoken with a number of the leaders from the other groups and we believe generally about the goals and I hope and look forward to working with them in the future to achieve these goals. We are looking for leaders in the South end of the County to be a liaison with DC Works for Us and a few other leadership positions so if you are interested please let me know.

Please do not get discouraged, with hope I look ahead to the New Year and know that as a team of Patriots we can make a difference.

FL AG Bill McCollum questions constitutionality of healthcare reform

Bill McCollum (also candidate for FL Governor) just issued a statement and sent a letter to other states’ AGs questioning the constitutionality of the use of the Commerce Clause to force an individual mandate for health insurance.   He is also questioning the constitutionality of the ‘Nebraska compromise’  also known as the ‘Cornhusker Kickback‘.

The Palm Beach Post blog posting can be found here.   And while there are links to McCollum’s statement and letter in the article – here are direct links to his statement and his letter.

Annual ON-GUARD Rally on Dec. 30th at 3pm

The ON GUARD rally unites all freedom loving Americans against the detestable message of Muslims who hate America and seek the destruction of Israel…just like those who were identified in the infamous Ft. Lauderdale HAMAS video. The event is posted on the Joyce Kaufman Show’s website as well as the 912 Project Deerfield Beach.  Here is the flyer from the Kaufman Show site.  FYI.


Flyer posted on Joyce Kaufman Show's website

Flyer posted on Joyce Kaufman Show's website

Who Is Austin Parris?: Biography

This is the first part of a several part blog I’ll be posting on here so that you all may get a chance to know me as well as possible.

I’m a 21 year old Florida native, and I love this state. Even though you’ll see and hear me mention all the things we need to do better, it’s not because I feel we’re not very good, it’s because I truly care about this state’s progress. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t run, simple as that.

I currently am studying Economics/Political Science at Palm Beach Community College, which has an overall attendance almost equal to that of the University of Alabama. All my ideas and issues are researched thoroughly by myself and thought over and decided upon by myself. I believe in personal knowledge, and that knowledge and research can bridge the gap in personal experience, because I cannot have personal experience in every profession which falls under state governance, but I CAN acquire knowledge to assist with the governance of those professions/issues.

I feel that too often we can put such an emphasis on “experience” that we often to forget to really pursue a sentiment of ideas, and this leads to us electing slogans rather than plans. When using this criteria, more candidates fall to the wayside and those who truly deserve the offices as they were designed come to the surface. This is the approach I take when viewing the representative position, that it is one not of general theory and ideology, but a position of authority to manage specific issues relative to the area which he/she represents for that period of time.

So that being said, I approach this campaign with a few issues which I feel are paramount to Florida’s forward movement in terms of economic and political success, and those will be discussed in the next part of this series.

Any comments, questions and concerns are much appreciated. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to representing you.

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