Action needed on 10th Amendment Resolution, Firearms Freedom Act and Health Care Freedom Act.

On Tuesday night, Nov. 24, nearly a thousand people were on the Tenth Amendment update with State Senator Carey Baker and State Rep. Scott Plakon. My personal impression of Baker and Plakon is that they are very serious about taking effective action to restore the correct balance between the State(s) and the Federal government. This will not be an easy job by any measure, and they are aware of that, as they press ahead. They both demonstrated a good knowledge of relevant constitutional clauses and principles. They are taking the lead on this and are asking explicitly for our help in obtaining more sponsors for all three pieces of legislation which are listed at www.FlFreedom.org:

 House HM19 / Senate SM 96: The Florida 10th Amendment Resolution

House HB 21 / Senate SB 98: The Florida Firearms Freedom Act

House HJR 37 / Senate SJR 72 : The Florida Health Care Freedom Act

 WWW.FLFREEDOM.ORG is the website that Senator Baker and Representative Plakon have set up to build support for these bills. So we need to and can quickly build up the numbers on that website, especially the number of Citizen Co-Sponsors for these bills. When you click on “Add Your Name”, you can sign up to be a “citizen co-sponsor” for one, two or all three of these bills.

 This is a great and easy opportunity. Given the large number of people on that webinar and the large organizations with which they are associated or affiliated, we ought to be able to build up the number of citizen co-sponsors to 20,000 or more in no time from the current 2000+. That will be a ten fold increase and will make a tremendous impact on legislators who have not signed on as co-sponsors and on the people in leadership positions in the Florida House and Senate. GROWING THIS NUMBER WILL PROVIDE ROCKET FUEL TO THE EFFORTS OF EXISTING SPONSORS AND CO-SPONSORS OF THESE BILLS TO BRING MORE LEGISLATORS ON BOARD.

 Here is some good news: The number of sponsors + co-sponsors listed on www.FlFreedom.org for the 10th Amendment Resolution and the Fla. Firearms Freedom Act, are not up to date and, as shown are considerably below the actual numbers. The current numbers are better than shown. Here are the comparisons:

 House HM19: Actual=60 (vs. 47 shown); Senate SM 96: Actual=5 (vs.2 shown)

House HB 21: Actual=33 (Vs. 22 shown); Senate SB 98: Actual=2 (vs.1 shown)

House HJR 37: Actual=38 (vs. 38 shown); Senate SJR 72: Actual=4 (vs. 2 shown)

 Here are some answers to questions that may be on your mind:

 Question A: Why are the sponsorship numbers in the Senate so low?

Answers: 1) Bill numbers were assigned to the House bills MANY weeks before they were assigned to the companion bills in the Senate. Members can’t become co-sponsors of any bill until it has been published with a bill number.

 2) There are only 40 members of the Florida Senate while there are 120 member in the Florida House. Therefore the number of Senate Sponsors + Cosponsors will always be lower than in the House.

 3) The Senate historically has not been as Conservative, Constitutional and Bold as the House. While the dynamics of term limits and the movement of the majority party in the State of Florida further in the Conservative and Constitutional direction is already having an impact on this problem, we will have slower going in the Florida Senate in 2010. I do believe that a dramatic increase in both the number of House Co-sponsors and, ESPECIALLY, the number of citizen co-sponsors will make a difference in the Senate.

 4) There is another way that citizens can make a difference. I.E., there are some current members of the Florida House who ARE already sponsors of at least two of these bills in the House who are running for positions in the Florida Senate in 2010. Two that I know of are Bill Frishe (Tampa area) and Carl Domino (Palm Beach County). We can show our support an appreciation for these candidates in various ways, and, if they are in a primary race with another person from their political party, let their opponent know that their support of Tenth Amendment legislation will be an important factor in determining who you will support in the primary. Right now these candidates are participating in numerous fund raisers, where we can “meet and greet” them, and calmly rationally explain to them why the Tenth Amendment Legislation is important to we the people. They will listen, and very often other legislative representatives are present at the same event, where we can talk to them face-to-face as well.

 Question B: Why Have some House members co-sponsored the 10th Amendment Resolution and the Health Freedom Amendment, but not the Firearms Freedom Act?

 Answer: The Firearms Freedom Act is more politically charged, because of the long term and (insanely) strong opposition to 2nd Amendment rights. We will have to do more and better education about the meaning and importance of the 2nd Amendment. You can quickly become and effective educator on this subject by obtaining and reading a very small, inexpensive book entitled The Second Amendment by Constitutional attorney and historian David Barton.

 Sincerely yours,

 Dean Taffel, The Tenth Amendment Coalition of Florida


2 Responses to “Action needed on 10th Amendment Resolution, Firearms Freedom Act and Health Care Freedom Act.”
  1. Iris Iris says:

    Thanks for posting this, Roberto!

  2. Great job getting this out quick Roberto thanks!

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