Don’t get tired!

It easy sometimes to say you are tired. When we don’t win on a issue, your candidate looses an election, or an issue your worked so hard on against passes. Please stay encouraged and press on. I feel sometimes people just give up. Please keep on keeping on. Be encouraged you are waking others up and educating yourself and others. That is the most important thing. “We get the government we desearve”. I have heard Jess Santamaria and LTC Allen West say this a number of times. We desearve a good, honest, fiscally responsible government. Today it apears the State Senate passed the Sunrail and Crist will sign it. This is an abomination. However we must keep moving. I know as I sit here at 6:30 at night. I am still in my dirty grease stained clothes after I spent most the day at tow yards, however I just wanted to, before I clean up, and make dinner. Is to share a few thoughts to help us both keep on moving. Make the calls, write letters to the editor and show up at community meetings, go to Tallahassee or March on DC. Please stay encouraged and keep on pressing forward. Don’t get tired! We have been successful with the Landfill, and almost there with the Inspector General and there is sooo much more to come. Admist the chaos in my life my daughter playing piano, and my son’s band having practice, in my garage I cannot help it to find joy in my heart and energy to keep going. So I encourage you as well.

God Bless



2 Responses to “Don’t get tired!”
  1. Iris Iris says:

    Well said, Shannon! We all have down days when we look at the huge efforts ahead of us.

    But just think about how desperate all of you felt before you found others who think the same way you do? Before you ever listened to talk-radio or watched Fox News or did research on the internet and discovered that there were others who were as frustrated as you were? Before normal folks like Shannon and Doug made the extra effort to form a grass-roots community that can act and make a difference?

    We have power. We’re being noticed with every victory, no matter how small. Come to the website and your compatriots to get re-energized. And help us grow and take our country back!

    • Thank you Iris. You are 100% correct.

      And Glenn realized the same thing recently, that I realized after our March on DC on 9/12… there is no “leader” to single out for us this time… it is “us”.

      “We, The People”… the Conservatives… are leading ourselves. We know how we believe – now the task is upon us to find and support the RIGHT people to charge against the fiscal and moral decay in our nation’s hallowed halls…

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