I guess some of you forgot that it was the REPUBLICAN PARTY with it’s Left Wing turn, that gave us OBAMA.If the Republicans can’t win without the Tea Party , so be it. They didn’t listen to us before, why would they now. I see no signs of the RNC turning conservative. I’m going to hold to my principles and only vote for conservatives! If we do that, it will insure that we can win the country back and become a society that once again recognizes the CONSTITUTION. If there are no conservatives, then I refuse to vote in that race. The TEA PARTY movement ┬áis not a Republican organization, its a conservative organization. This is a great time to start a 3rd party. The pro Republican crowd says this will guarantee a Democrat victory. How do they know???This is just Republican propaganda. We can do whatever we WORK to do. And we certainly are not dependent on the Republicans, but ourselves!!


2 Responses to “3RD PARTY”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Right on. I’d rather pick the right guy, give him/her everything I’ve got, and go down swinging if that’s what’s in store, than choose from the lesser of “who cares” because he/she’s got the best chance. Look at Joe Negron from the Treasure Coast. You can’t lay his victory at the feet of any other group up there than the Tea Party Patriots, and he sold them out yesterday with his vote on SunRail.

    However, I disagree with your argument about a 3rd party. Read my post from yesterday about the most recent Rassmussen poll.


  2. I know that “winning” elected office is ultimately an important part of what we are fighting for.. but at what COST?

    Have you ever voted for someone you had reservations about, only because it seemed like they were “not as bad” as the other candidate?

    I have… many of us probably have.

    I’m not seeking a “3rd Party” option (there are already other party alternatives)… as I realize that even if we made some “regional” advances, the odds of turning around our troubled NATION would seem insurmountable – at the least, “unlikely”.

    But… I have grave concerns that neither major party is truly listening to the Conservatives. I will fight for the candidates I believe to be of good character, values, and guardians to the Constitution. If Dede Scozzafava were in MY district – I can assure you I would not be behind the Republican candidate in that election… I wouldn’t hesitate to help or support a truly ‘Conservative independent’, if it was a Doug Hoffman up against a Scozzafava (sp?).

    I spoke to Joe Kerry, Glenn Beck’s producer, at the Jupiter Books-A-Million book signing… he said to me point-blank, “You and Shannon are doing a great job down here. Your group is doing good things, you’re going to be an important part of what we want to roll out in 2010…”

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