Time to Take Action

Time to Take Action at the Local Level.

The theme, over and over, again, take Action at the Local Level. Raising awareness, planting seeds, all that stuff is important, however Action is the key. There are so many issues, a new urgent and important issue on a daily basis. It is up to each of us to follow our hearts, choose our priorities and work toward that goal.

I want GOD put back into public life, prayers in schools like when we were kids. Prayers before events in our public lives, reverence for our LORD in public, any time and any place. I want freedom of religion.

I want to exercise our historical heritage, paying homage (allegiance or formal public acknowledgement) and reverence to the LORD in and on our government buildings, on our money, in and on our churches….in our hearts.

86% of all Americans stand on the right side of this issue…..stop the madness and
Return the Republic to the people.


3 Responses to “Time to Take Action”
  1. AJ very moving comments. Taking action is the key sometimes people think that talking and complaining or even joining a group is enough. Start a book club or share a great idea write letters, blog, go meet with your commissioners, Senators and Mayors. Go where you talent leads you and get involved!

    • A. J. A. J. says:

      Yes,”go where you talent leads”….this week I am sending Christmas cards to the ACLU, the NYC offfice and AR, GA, MS, FL, NC, SC, IA all get to share the Love :)))

  2. Great post, AJ. “Separation of church and state” is a concept that engenders equally passionate arguments of defense from both Conservatives AND Liberals. It’s a testament to the thoughtful intelligence of the Constitution’s framers in 1787 that a modern atheiest feels secure to not hold ANY religious belief…at the same time a modern person of DEVOUT religious faith feels secure.

    One thing you said stands out to me… “I want to exercise our historical heritage”.

    The Pilgrims took great personal risk in sailing thousands of miles across the Atlantic… until arriving at Plymouth Rock. How many lives were lost on that voyage? Or once in the New World?

    I took my family to Jamestown and Williamsburg, Virginia in summer 2008. We saw the first lands settled by Europeans in this land… with re-enactments that gave us an appreciation of where modern American society planted its first roots in 1607. Was a church there? “You bet’cha.”

    I don’t see Conservatives trying to squelch the public discourse by anyone dislike us… but I’ll tell you one thing, since we started the 9-12 down here in February, I have had SO many people thank me for hosting an environment where we can be open, vocal, and HONEST about our “historical heritage”…

    “God and America” fit together like “hand in glove”. I agree with AJ about the need to get involved on the local level. Its not nearly as glamorous as the national issues… but no puzzle ever got solved without connecting the small pieces FIRST.

    The South Florida 9-12 Project is committed to improving the accountability of our local government and municipalities to “WE, THE PEOPLE” of Palm Beach County. I will do my part… you are doing yours, if you know where to find us here… talk to those folks who are NOT involved. INVITE people to a 9-12 event. We need your friends, neighbors, and family to get plugged in for 2010!

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