Making a difference!

It is actually very early in the morning and I pray that this makes sense. I was very excited to see that the hard work of our group has been noticed. This group is made up of so many different people, they all each contribute a piece to the large puzzle. We have Democrats, Republicans and many Independents. We are made up of Veterans, Tea Party Members, NRA, Constitutionalists, Moms, Dads and Grandparents and Retiree’s. Each hold a value so importantly in their own form. Together working on issues that we hold in common will allow us to make a change, a real difference! Please continue to hold true to your values and stay focused. The article in the palm beach post by George Bennett ┬ásays it well. Keep working together and stay united for the various issues. Speak out when you disagree and get involved that is where you can take your frustrations and make a real difference!


One Response to “Making a difference!”
  1. William Kelly says:

    Just walked in to say hello. I’m concerned about many of the things that concern you — for instance, our leaders’ brazen disregard for the Constitution and for the rule of law, their abandonment of classical-liberal American values, their tacit acceptance or active faith in socialism, and so forth. For a long time we have lived in a legislative tyranny, with, in addition, doubtful figures in the White House and the Supreme Court. But, as things start small and grow large, the U.S. has finally beginning to graduate from Hubert Humphrey socialism to the South American revolutionary kind. This is a quantum leap. Did you know that Obama’s slogan “Yes, we can!” is a translation of Hugo Chavez’s “Si, se puede!”? And a good number of the 30-odd “czars” in the White House are dedicated Marxists. We haven’t seen anything like this since since FDR days, when, according to historian Carroll Quigley (“Tagedy and Hope,” around pps, 920-1000), the direction of American foreign policy came from the Soviet Embassy via Soviet spies in the White House. Time to wake up.

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