The Blessings of Liberty


Every day there are new and urgent issues. It seems overwhelming at times. As Americans we must follow the truth, ask the tough questions, get out of our comfort zone, take action.

There is a metaphor for what’s happening in America. Call it a bow wake, a ground swelling, a flash flood, call it what you like, understand and recognize there are people from all persuasions gathering together to voice their concerns, express themselves, be a part of preserving the goodness of America, preserving a way of life, better yet, a way of living.

“Secure the Blessings of Liberty”, is not a metaphor, it is a principal of the American way of living. “Secure the Blessings of Liberty” has its own value. It is a call to action. “Secure the Blessings of Liberty”, stands alone. It stands as a tribute to the Lord, to the truth, to our highest expectations, to our greatest good.

The Lord is beyond all that binds man. The Lord is all there is, all there will ever be and all that will never be. The Lord is the impossible, beyond our reach, beyond our conception, beyond our imagination, but not beyond our Faith. Our Faith is the one element which can wrap itself around our lives. Forming and transforming the Lord’s complexity and design into the fabric of our everyday, who we are and why we are.

“Secure the Blessings of Liberty” for me, captures everything I can say about the essence of America. The Lords blessings, his grace, his goodness. The rights of the individual, the power of the state, the independence, the expression of thought, the virtues of the ideal, the common sense of how it should be, how it can be, how it will be.

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