Curt Price (R)

Short Biography

Born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada – Curt’s parents moved to a suburb of Detroit, MI when he was 13. He got his first degree from Michigan State in Criminal Justice in 1976 and married his college sweetheart, Elizabeth Curson shortly after his graduation. In 1980, Curt accepted employment as a law enforcement officer with the City of Ft. Lauderdale Police Department where his job duties from 1980-2001, included road patrol and training. During this time he also got an MS in Management from St. Thomas of Villanova University in 1987. In 1989, he and his wife started their security business, C.E. Safes & Security Products, which as of 2009 has grown to two stores, eight employees, and projected sales of about 2 million. His opens his website with: “Running for political office is a new undertaking for me. At this point in my life, I feel compelled to run for office to reinstate and emphasize conservative, traditional values, for example: fiscal discipline, prudence, common sense, love of country, and the ideals that we stand for.
I am a Ronald Reagan conservative and will conduct myself as such”

Top Issues

  • Government Role and Size – smaller government, read the bills, signed Hannity’s pledge
  • Healthcare Reform – Tort reform, healthcare accounts, catastrophic insurance, no public option, minimize regulation
  • Energy Independence – self-sufficiency,domestic production – all forms will create jobs and increase national security
  • Economy/Jobs/Taxation – cut corp. taxes by 50%, eliminate death tax, Bush tax cuts permanent, balanced budget
  • Illegal Immigration – Secure borders with real fences, fine employers, temporary worker program w tamper-proof ids
  • National Defense – first role of federal gov’t, energy independence, secure borders
  • Israel – Don’t divide Jerusalem,has right to build settlements in occupied territory, Iran is a significant threat
  • Principles – NRA member, pro-life, school choice and get federal government out of education (10th amendment issue)

Our Assessment

Mr. Price is new to the political scene, but expouses conservative values and is running for the right reasons. He entered in August, a few months before Congressman Wexler resigned, and has been campaigning hard, being very visible at grass roots events, and is having success at getting his message out.

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