Edward Lynch (R)

Short Biography

Born in Jersey City, NJ, Edward Lynch attended Drew University, majoring in Chemistry and Economics, leaving early to start his own company. A self described entrepreneur, lifelong conservative, business owner and humanitarian, he tapped into the telecom boom of the 90’s and grew his business quickly, eventually moving into business consulting. In 2000, he sold his companies and moved to Florida, where in 2004 he opened a minority owned (Lynch is Hispanic) federal consulting and contracting company working with VA Medical centers. In 2008 he ran for the district 19 seat, coming in second to the incumbent in a 3-way race. He is currently President of the Latin American Republican Club, and sits on the board of The Children’s Healing Institute, and resides in West Palm Beach with his wife Jennifer and his two children.

Top Issues

  • Health Insurance – inter-state competition, overhaul medicare/medicaid, promote healthy living, tax credits for low income
  • National Security – protection against radical islamists and rogue regimes, project strength, grow military, missile defense
  • Energy – domestic production, nuclear, clean coal, solar and tidal in Florida, “use it all”
  • Israel – opposes 2-state solution, capital is undivided Jerusalem, deserves our fullest support
  • Taxes and Spending – opposed bailouts, stimulus, for openness in appropriations, reducing taxes both personal and corporate taxes, simpler tax system
  • Immigration – secure borders, prosecute employers hiring illegals, deport illegals in our prisons, withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities

Our Assessment

Edward Lynch is a tireless campaigner, seemingly on the stump 24/7. He has a deep understanding of the issues and came across as one of the most knowledgeable in the summer health care debate, being able to quote directly from HR3200 which he read thoroughly. He is a regular at local grass roots events and shares our conservative ideals. The only viable challenger before Congressman Wexler resigned, he appeared to be gaining ground in this left-leaning district. The other candidates have brought up his dispute with the IRS and VA in a negative light, however, there does not appear to be anything more to it than was brought out in the 2008 campaign and we find his explanation satisfactory.

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