FL 19 Checklist

Congressional District 19

This checklist is intended for use by our members in scoring the candidates against a set of issues that are important to the group. As you encounter the candidates at events or read about them in the media, you will form an impression based on their approach to these issues. Use this checklist to record your score. Following the 12/14 debate, we will have a place on southflorida912.org for you to record your score as we will be computing averages based on the responses you provide.

Please use the following scale to score a candidate on an issue:

  • 5 – The candidate is completely aligned with my views on the issue.
  • 4 – The candidate is mostly aligned with me but there are a few areas that I’m worried about
  • 3 – The candidate is mostly aligned with me but there is one MAJOR problem area
  • 2 – The candidate is mostly opposed to my views on the issue
  • 1 – The candidate is completely opposed to my views – it would be awful if he/she was elected

SCORING: Please place your scores in the boxes under the candidate’s pictures.


Joe Budd (R)

Edward Lynch (R)

Curt Price (R)
  • Deficit/Taxes
  • Health Reform
  • Stimulus/Bailouts
  • Regulation
  • Small Business
  • Drilling
  • Renewables
  • Nuclear
  • Cap&Trade
  • Independence
National Security
  • Afghanistan/Iraq
  • Islamic Jihad
  • Iran
  • Support the Troops
  • South America
  • Borders
  • Employers
  • Amnesty
  • Sanctuary Cities
  • 1st Amendment
  • 2nd Amendment
  • 10th Amendment
  • Sovereignty

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