Joe Budd (R)

Short Biography

Born in Phillipsburg, NJ. to working class parents, Joe Budd attended business school, majoring in accounting. Married to Sherry in 1985, he has 3 children in college and will soon celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary. Getting his start with Domino’s Pizza franchises in Massachusetts, he’s had successes and failures but believes that “Things that hurt,instruct”. Moving to Florida in 1993 he joined his father’s financial planning practice and has since earned a designation as a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor. Joe is a Deacon in his church and believes that as the word means “servant”, a good Deacon should make a good Congressman. His accounting background and people management skills have served him well and he would like to apply them to bring common sense solutions to Washington. He wants you to join him in his fight to take back America.

Top Issues

  • Principles over Politics – Defend the Constitution, read the bills, secure borders, strong defense, protect seniors.
  • Healthcare Reform – Tort reform, rational insurance plans, no to illegals, congress participation
  • Energy Independence – Domestic production, renewables, no to Cap and Trade
  • Illegal Immigration – Secure the borders
  • Economy / Jobs – Lower taxes and regulation on small businesses
  • National Defense – Strong military, secure borders, energy independence, no to nation building

Our Assessment

Joe Budd is a relative newcomer to the political scene, having entered the race about a month before Congressman Wexler announced his resignation. He has been active in campaigning at local events, showing up at 9-12 and Tea Party rallies to hand out literature and petitions. His positions on issues indicate a strong conservative leaning and he seems sincere on the stump. He has done well in previous debates and forums and is building a following in the district.

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