Josue Larose

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Often described as a ‘serial candidate’ or ‘frequent filer’, Josue Larose qualified for the Congressional District 19 race as a write-in candidate. Larose ‘s name will not appear, but the April 13 ballot will include a space for write-ins. Deerfield Beach resident Larose was also a write-in candidate in three special state legislative elections this year and has opened a 2010 campaign for governor. Haitian born and a self-described millionaire economist, music producer and lobbyist, the 28-year-old is waging three campaigns under the first names “Joshua” and “Josue” and has raised $100,000 in his bid for governor, according to the Florida Division of Elections. He has already had dramatic effect on one race. His presence as a write-in candidate in the special election for State Senate District 8 forced a Republican primary that the Duval County Supervisor of Elections said cost about $300,000 and prompted officials to consider changing the county’s election rules. He has run under different names and for numerous offices. As Joshua LaRose, he ran for Miami Mayor, however a bounced check caused him to be disqualified in Sept 2009.

Top Issues

  • No articles or his website list any issues or positions

Our Assessment

We called the phone number on Mr. Larose’s campaign for Governor website, and it was an invalid phone number. We wonder if Josue Larose is a serious candidate for any of the offices he is seeking.

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