Keeping up the pressure.

With the passage of the increased debt package and the dreaded Health Care bill getting dangerously close to passage, it’s hard to imagine, but I really believe we’re making an impact.  I also believe that while many Americans are thinking about Christmas shopping and all the fun stuff of the season, our “leaders” in Washington are up to their old antics of trying to put one over on us.

I have an idea.  Let’s show them that we’re not asleep right now.  Let’s all take the few minutes needed each day to fire off an email, fax, or call to our representatives and senators.  We don’t even have to get fancy.  You can send the same email or fax everyday without changing a word. The people in the offices record the calls so it doesn’t matter if you say the same thing.  As long as we keep up the pressure, they have to take notice.

I used the link on this site a few minutes ago to send an email to Senator Nelson.  Granted he continues to do what he wants, but my letter was similar to all the others I’ve sent him.  I thought I’d copy and paste it for you.  You may use it if you like, modify it, or maybe just come up with your own; but we all need to keep up the pressure.  Anyway, here it is:

Senator Nelson, Once again I’m writing to you. I’m bewildered that you continue to go against the will of the people and vote for health care bills and other massive spending programs. Your canned responses to my letters and those of my friends in the South Florida 9/12 Project as well as the South Florida Tea Party have not gone unnoticed. Our response to your canned responses will be to can you at the polls. Respectfully, David DiCrescenzo Royal Palm Beach, FL.

He and the others will get the message.  If not today, next November.  Stay well my friends.


One Response to “Keeping up the pressure.”
  1. A. J. A. J. says:

    Good idea, well stated…and its true, it only takes a few minutes and alot can be accomplished. Below is my letter on Healthcare, I will also post this at “XYZ” on the blog, I encourage everyone to send something. Just one line, such as, NO PUBLIC OPTION, or WE CAN NOT SPEND MONEY WE DO NOT HAVE, or NO NEW TAXES FOR ANYONE FOR ANYTHING.
    You can Google; “US Senators: Senator Home”. Then in the top 5 selections you will find the link. This site will allow you to sort the Senators by party, state or name. Make this a favorite/bookmark. Once you get to the Senators website, you can quickly see what committees he sits on and address his areas of interest and influence.

    Here’s what I do. I write my comments in a document and save it. I have several documents which I have sent out to Senators in the last few months. I bring them up on my screen, and collapse them in the “select all mode”
    to my bottom task bar. Then once I have filled out the Senators form with my name and other required information, I bring up the document from the task bar, then copy and paste in the message section of the Senator’s email form. HERE’S the TRICK…..after you have submitted the form with your message, the website will reply with a typical page saying your message has been received. Now use the green arrow to go back to the previous page. Highlite the message you just sent and use the BACKSPACE key on your keyboard to delete the first message. Then bring up another comment/document and copy and paste this in the message section of the form and submitt the form again without having to fill out the top section with all the personal information . This way you can send four or five messages in a few minutes, its free, it makes you feel good and its not against the law….yet.



    Over the next few months you will be called upon to debate the Health Care issues facing the Nation. As a concerned citizen, a good American and an active member of the Conservative Movement, I am asking you to seriously consider the following:
    We want the Federal government to play a smaller role in the lives of Americans.
    We want true interstate competition and we want choice.
    We want tort and lawsuit reform.
    We want an end to the abuse, fraud and waste in our current programs.
    We do not want cuts in Medicare and drastic changes within our current programs.
    No new taxes for anyone; cut and balance the budget.
    No public/government option.
    We want true reform which will assist individuals who lose their jobs, assist people with pre-existing conditions, and reform which will strengthen Medicaid.

    Return to the principals which built this great Nation, please find free market solutions.

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