Lt. Col. Allen West to appear on Hannity on Foxnews tonight

Congressional District 22 Candidate Allen West, who spoke to our group in November, will be interviewed by Hannity tonight, Tuesday 12/15 at 9pm.

One small thing you can do for all candidates that can appear on your voting precinct’s ballot, is to sign their candidate petitions. As we’ve learned in our upcoming 19th Congressional District elections, if a candidate doesn’t get enough petitions signed, the candidate must shell out hard-earned campaign dollars to get on the ballot. It doesn’t matter if you plan on voting for the individual – it’s something you can do for all candidates who are seeking elected office.

While I hope to make a post with direct links to many candidates’ petitions, here’s something you can do for Allen West right away! Petitions cannot be emailed in – since the information has to be officially reviewed and verified. So please go the link here, print out the petition and mail it to the address posted on the screen.


One Response to “Lt. Col. Allen West to appear on Hannity on Foxnews tonight”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    What a leader!

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