Videos of the District 19 Debate

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9 Responses to “Videos of the District 19 Debate”
  1. ConservativeDiva Ellen Snyder says:

    During this time when we desperately need REAL CHANGE in DC Edward Lynch is the ONLY candidate that WILL bring POSITIVE change!! The other 2 (Price & Budd) have no idea how to do what will be necessary to succeed!!!

    • Lauren says:

      Please Ellen, you’ve got to be kidding me! All three are viable republican candidates. You’re talking like a “politics as usual” liberal. Joe Budd’s theme of Principles of Politics resonates with several Americans who want the constitution to be protected. Even though Budd came into the race after Lynch, he still knows what is necessary to succeed. He is in it for the right reasons and there is no reason that you should discredit him. Saying that he won’t bring about positive change is ridiculous and you can’t make such assumptions. For all we know, Lynch won’t make positive change. You can’t talk so matter of factly… that is, unless you want to sound like a liberal progressive. Make educated statements and move above the political banter. For America to succeed we need to back anyone who is willing to stand up for what is right.

      • Matthew says:

        That’s right Lauren! JOE BUDD is the BEST CHOICE! Joe Budd is a regular tea party goer that has said that enough is enough and is now running to represent two things. The people and the constitution. VOTE JOE BUDD!

    • Roger Edge Roger Edge says:

      I think Budd knew exactly what caused the banking crises. They brought down Glass Steagall under Clinton. That opened the door for the bankers to sell derivatives, credit default swaps.
      On the economy,bring jobs home, oil is good,coal is good. Why do you think the UN created the co2 scare it is what the earth needs to live. http://www.co2science.org
      He is in business that is what we need, he can hook up with Ron Paul and go after the bankers. What he doesn’t know is how to boost the economy -you need to end the Federal Reserve private bankers from issuing our currency. You know they are imploding our economy by design. They will own every thing. The Federal Reserve of 1913 was a criminal act of congress, that is when the IRS was created, every dime you send to the IRS goes to the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul had a bill in the house to audit the fed. He wrote a book called end the fed. Also a book by G Edward Griffen Creatures of Jeckle Island. Google Freedom to Fascism . Google Money Masters these are movies you will not see on propaganda TV. You will understand why we are not free. JFK wanted to end the fed,CIA and secret societies.
      These Bankers want One World Government. That is what CAP &TRADE is all about. 2% of our GPA will go to the world bank. The International Monetary Fund, IMF owned by the Routhchilds, This bank was created in 1987 at the World Wilderness Conference.
      I’m sorry but EVERY ONE NEEDS TO KNOW THIS. Geithner, Greenspan, Paulson all need to go to prison.Paulson paid himself over a million in a bonus.
      Joe Budd is good and you don’t have to be a lawyer to run,we need like minds people like us. You have my vote.
      http://www.infowars.com The Truth will set you free Tonight TRU TV Jesse Ventura conspiracy theory 9&10 oclock on you tube you can see a great show on global warming

      All of you people that love Glen Beck, he wants to tax every one 2% to pay off the debt give it stright to the fed.
      I ‘v watched him about 2 years Freedom Watch the Judge is the truth.
      Al Gore owns 60% of Occidental Oil, he also sells carbon credits.

      Allen West has a great clip on http://www.oathkeepers.org

  2. Rightwinger says:

    The vote for a Representative for District 19 should NOT be based on who you LIKE but rather who will do the best for the Constituents of District 19!! Budd & Price MAY be nice people but do NOT have what it takes to take on Congress!!! Leave your “feelings” aside and choose the best man for the job! I have been following Edward Lynch since the 2008 race for District 19 began and HE IS THE BEST ONE FOR THIS JOB HANDS DOWN!

    A vote for either of the other 2 will hurt District 19!!!! If you are undecided……Vote with your head and not with your heart!!!

    • Lauren says:

      If I decide to vote with my head I’ll crunch some numbers. Numbers clearly show that Lynch was beaten by his democrat opponent in 2008. In fact, he didn’t even carry the entire republican vote. That means that he failed to get democrat and independent votes along with some from his own party. Lynch is just not electable. VOTE JOE BUDD so we can get a conservative into office.

  3. Conservativechoice says:

    I truly appreciate the passion, but even an Ed Lynch supporter said that Joe Budd won the Debate. His concise answers during the debate demonstrated his deep understanding on the issues. No rhetoric just the facts! It will not hurt District 19 to vote for JOE BUDD that’s what democracy is all about. I agree with Rightwinger on one point….vote with your head. Don’t pick someone just because your familiar with their name. JOE BUDD IS THE PRINCIPLED CANDIDATE!!

    • Jessica says:

      I totally agree! JOE BUDD is the man for the job. Not only did JOE BUDD CLEARLY WIN THE DEBATE, but he also was the only candidate to get on the ballot through voter signature petitions. JOE BUDD is also ahead in fundraising. This makes me think that JOE BUDD is working a lot harder than say Lynch, who had over a year to collect signature petitions and fundraise. Lynch may be the man that’s been trying to “run for the people” for years, but he’s never made it into office because he is clearly unelectable. JOE BUDD FOR CONGRESS 😀 He actually cares about American principles and is fed up with the games and disrespect for the constitution.

  4. Matthew says:

    Joe Budd clearly won the debate. I’m sorry Lynch fans, but if you are truth seekers… which is what you claim to be, accept that Joe Budd gave your candidate a run for his money and may be a great guy for the job. In fact, doesn’t it make you feel better that there are two guys who are in it for you… or so you believe. I personally believe that JOE BUDD is the only candidate that will truly serve the people. VOTE JOE BUDD

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