Common Denominator




Is it true there have been 43 million abortions since 1973 and what does that have to do with Attila, Khan of the Huns?

Some one told me there were 4.5 million orphans in Iraq and I asked him; what does that have to do with the first eight days of 2007 in the city of New Orleans?

If you could ask Idi Amin Dada to pick a number between 80,000 and 500,000; what number do you think he would choose?

Do you remember when we were in the Roman Coliseum and what we witnessed as fun, sport and spectacle?

And let’s not forget Maximilien Robespierre. He had a pet peeve or maybe it was an obsession concerning hoarding, evading the draft, desertion, rebellion, being an aristocrat, in the clergy or part of the middle class. Good thing he was only in charge for ten months. I’m sure given the chance he could have changed 40,000 into 60,000 without really trying.

Here’s an easy one. What did Leopold II of Belgium do three million times for the sake of rubber and ivory? Ever hear of the Congo Free State?

How about the Ayatollah Assahola, who ruled Iran from 1979 to 1989? You know there are 30,000 political activists who will never, never never never forget him.

And then there were the South East Asian games, played out in the Killing Fields from 1976 to 1979. Those games went into overtime, final score, Pol Pot one; the people two million. Pol Pot being the clear winner.

So, what do Army Ranger, Michael Behenna, now serving a twenty years sentence at Fort Leavenworth and Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad III of Romania, aka Vlad the Impaler have in common? (Do you need a clue?)

You know there is an axiom of life which bears a great truth; “it’s all the same game, just depends on what league you’re in”. Which brings us to the all time, big time heavy hitters of our time; Josef Stalin, Emperor Hirohito and Adolf Hitler. Let’s just cut to the chase and call it one hundred and five million, give or take ten million either way.

So, got the answer on the tip of your tongue, want a few more clues?

Medellin Colombia, 1991, four hundred per every one hundred thousand. Now that’s a dead give away.

Or, four thousand worldwide executions in 2004.

OK, OK one more clue to solve the riddle, “What is the Common Denominator”, and here it is; “it’s produces: gangs, famine, refugees, heart break, crime, money, drugs, greed, corruption, power, wars, fear, regime change, politics, terrorism, malnutrition, evil, ignorance, profit, fame and fortune“. Yes you are right, its man’s fascination with MURDER.

Not true you say, not the right answer, not the answer you were looking for. Well let me ask you, at what point do you take a life? For what the person did or tried to do? For what he didn’t do or for how many times he did what he did? For cause or for convenience? For what he said, who he inspired or the instructions he gave? For what he believes or for what you can’t understand? Where does your fascination begin or end?

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