Looking Ahead to 2010 Election




Its not enough to be on the right side of the issues. Its not enough to be a person of strong moral character, patriotic and caring. Its not enough to be a conservative, supporting the Founding Fathers and having faith in the free market system to find free market solutions. The newly elected representatives and senators will have to be up to the task of dismantling the massive Federal Government and balancing the budget.

Its not easy running the government, its a huge endeavor, its extremely complex, even though simple truths, American values and common sense understandings are the guiding principals.

Look at what we are asking our officials to do. Balance the budget means cutting funding and maintaining services. Turning the intangible concepts of bipartisan principals into the nuts and bolts practices of a smooth operating system. A system anchored in procedures, policies and laws, yet nimble enough to react to changing conditions and the demands of real life issues and everyday problems. All the while being courageous enough to resist the temptations and pitfalls which besieged our predecessors. Being right and doing right are equally as important and equally elusive.

Look at the relief, the new sense of hope will bring, the excitement of the challenge before us and the expectations of immediate success, thrown into the framework of failed policies, rejected decrees, and the confusion created by misplaced priorities. Working on what is ruined is difficult at best, moderately impossible at the worst. How will we handle hurdles which are too high to clear in a single bound. How can you eat an elephant one bite at a time, if you can not figure out how to share and prepare the feast.

The task before our newly elected officials will be enormous, compounded by the fact many will be freshmen without the benefit of tried and true solutions previously implemented on a national level. Also, the tried and proven solutions may not be a big enough idea to change the direction of unconstitutional mandates. Truly innovative and close to genius epiphanies will be required to combat the fiscal, social and international dilemmas of our times. My question is this, what will he do, will it work? Holding true to our principals the answer is obviously, yes. But getting there is not so obvious.

My candidate will present a doable plan, with a clear description of the transitions to be made from phase to phase, which are designed evaluation and accountability junctures, a clear and decisive end game, which will produce the results, we the people demand.

This approach will demonstrate the candidate’s clear understanding of the situation, showing he has the brain power to identify the predictable events, the thoroughness and depth to deal with the unintended consequences of his plan and the confidence and conviction to get it done. We the people will stand with a leader whose heart, passions and convictions are rooted in American traditions, for these times, we need leaders with vision, direction, purpose and single mindedness.


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  1. EdFulop Ed Fulop says:

    This post dovetails nicely with the content of Glenn’s TV show yesterday talking about the lack of true heroes in today’s society. Where are the examples for your kids? It isn’t Tiger Woods or Britney Spears — and frankly, if you are raising your children right, it should never have been. My wife and I had this conversation over dinner last night, and apart from our parents, the only people we could come up with (who are alive today) are Bobby Bowden — can you tell where I went to school? — and the pastor of my church. Both of those people have the advantage of age in this “competition” . . . . a lifetime of accomplishments to submit for review. Both of those people also have an army of witnesses to their words and deeds . . . . how they led their lives, and how they led others. I’m very close to including a third name on that list; Lt. Colonel Allen West . . . . . .but I am not there yet.
    To willingly put yourself and your family into the crucible, for public service, by definition in my opinion, means that you’ve got a screw loose . . . . or a couple!! Unfortunately, the current crop of public servants have made it that much more difficult for the George Washington’s and John Adam’s of our day to come forward. Things would have to be pretty bad in our country, and the world for that matter, for someone of character to willingly run into the fire . . . . like . . . . now. Like . . . . him.

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