Merry Christmas!

     Well with the hustle and bustle of Christmas time it is easy to get caught up in it. Jesus is the reason for Christmas and it is important to remember that. I was unable to get any free time off for the kids Christmas break and with all the activities, parties etc my life has been a whirlwind. However with all the activity, I am still holding true to my pact of mentioning the issues in our country to as many people as I can to educate and engage them. I am still saddened by the vote this morning in the wee hours by the Senate. “Health care is so urgent, we need to get it passed now…. ” it seems to be the battle cry. “Slow down!” We say, “Back up”, and “Quit!” Yet we are still ignored. I ask you all during this Christmas break that you still call your Senators and let them know how you feel. Write letters to the editor and tell your friends about the issues.

      Jesus brought us hope and joy when he was born. Looking a head to the New Year and the elections that will soon be coming let us reflect on the hope and joy we are reminded of at Christmas and know that with hard work and faith we can and will make a difference.

Merry Christmas



3 Responses to “Merry Christmas!”
  1. yorkiemum yorkiemum says:

    What good will it do to call the Senators at this point? The best message of how we feel will be to vote them out. Isn’t our next target the Blue Dogs in Congress since the bill is going back there?

  2. Shannon,

    Your words are true. I am in the heart of this Christmas time blizzard along with you (how does December always rush in, and rush out so quickly??)… and yet you remind ME as well of the need to engage our Congressmen. I will make it my goal to write 2 letters, at least, before week end (local media, and Senate).

    “THEY” aren’t listening… if “WE” aren’t talking to them!

    Stick the Bill Of Rights under a bundle of mistletoe, with a Congressperson, this Christmas LOL… FORCE them to show some love for our individual freedoms!!

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