Tea Parties, Third Parties and the Republican Party

An opinion piece on BigGovernment.com by Thomas  Del Bacarro  certainly captures some of the  frustrations and grievances that all of us in the 912 project have with the establishment.  Worth reading and commenting on!

Here’s the first paragraph “The struggles of the Democrats and the Republicans are making news.  The Democrats are learning that it is far easier to make campaign promises than it is to govern. As for Republicans, the party that loses the Presidential election often spends the off-year attempting to refine its message if not find a new message and new messengers. In the watchful eye of 24/7 cable news channels and the Internet, however, such political soul searching can appear rather untidy.  As the calendar turns, the process remains unresolved for Republicans to say the least.  Worse than mere overexposure, according to Rasmussen polling, despite Obama’s falling polls and Democrat divisions, the Republican Party would fare worse in an upcoming election than the Tea Party – a “Third Party” that, as of yet, does not exist.  It is no minor issue because with the help of Tea Party activists, Republicans certainly can beat Democrats next year – without them they may not.“………..

Read the rest here and comment!


One Response to “Tea Parties, Third Parties and the Republican Party”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    I say let the Progressives form the 3rd party, not the Conservatives. We need to stop looking at every candidate through the filter of ‘Republican” or “Democrat” — surely we’ve been let down enough times by both sides. Even independents, like Joe Lieberman from Connecticut, made a show of holding the line, only to “barter a better deal” at the expense of our children, and their children as well. Look at the field of candidates we have pursuing the FL19 office; we have 3 viable Conservatives to choose from. Hold their feet to the fire — there is no room for “moderates” like Dede Scozzafava or Charlie Christ. If the Tea Party movement ends up destroying the Republican Party, than the term “Republican” has lost it’s meaning. The words “fine cuisine” on a restaurant’s sign mean nothing if the food tastes terrible, doesn’t it? When everyone in town comes to that same conclusion about the restaurant, it will end up shuttering it’s doors and go out of business, unless the owner of the restaurant hires new cooks, and prepares food that the patrons enjoy. The decision for the party leadership is no different.

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