Austin Parris is Back, and In Technicolor!

Just a quick post, more to come later. My new website is up, www.austinparris.com, so please check it out and let me know if you’re interested in helping the best candidate for District 85.

It was already posted on the other website, but:

1. I was the first candidate here to take the Glenn Beck pledge,

2. I am also the only candidate in our race that was not only at the first forming meeting, but at a couple of others as well as a member, not just a speaker.

parris2010@gmail.com for more questions!


3 Responses to “Austin Parris is Back, and In Technicolor!”
  1. Douglas Armstrong says:

    The truth.

    Thank you for participating, Austin… and no question, you were there at McKenna’s along with the very first “Glenn Beck Meetup Group” folks…

    Dean and the 10th Amendment folks speak very highly of you, as well. Keep up the good work… and Merry Christmas!


  2. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Those of you who live in District 85 take a good look at this young man. I only wish I was a resident of that district, that I might cast a vote for him myself.

  3. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    Thanks for all of the support everyone! Dean is a great individual, and very intelligent, it’s a great compliment that he would speak highly of me when I only have an iota of the collection of knowledge he’s acquired.

    It’s game time though with the campaign, and I’m pulling off the kid gloves. It’ll be polite, and there won’t be any smearing, but I will definitely be calling out falsehoods and general BS. I don’t tolerate it, and since I’m a resident of my district this election is for my representative as well.

    Essentially when I’m speaking as a candidate I’m speaking to you not just as a representative but as a fellow voter, so I’ll speaking to you to inform not just promote myself.

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