SOP Corruption in Government


The goose stepping Democrats are holding true to form. Stepping in line and following the dictates of the ruling party. You can call the party’s ideology whatever you like, nothing changes the facts.

Howard Dean describes the government’s role to police, control and compete with the insurance companies to keep them honest. He says this in the face of tens of billions of dollars in fraud, waste and abuse in our current health entitlement programs.

Mary Landrieu, when asked how she could vote for legislation which was so clearly unpopular by margins of two to one; responded by saying Medicare only had a 28% approval when it passed. Isn’t this a clear indication Americans did not want government sponsored healthcare then and we certainly do not want it now. Examine Medicare, what do we find? The program was over budget to implement, over cost to provide the intended services, billions of dollars in waste and fraud and on the road to bankruptcy. Is it any wonder, Americans reject government’s current healthcare bills.

Nancy Pelosi freely admits some party members will be sacrificed in order to pass the current Healthcare legislation. Once again demonstrating the ‘greater good’ mentality. The ideology of the party, as the icon of achievement and success over the aspirations of the individual. Some politician’s careers will end, because the citizens will remove them from office for supporting socialized healthcare. But the party and its ideology will win and that’s more important. Even when public opinion and support has overwhelming rejected nationalized health care, the Democrats continue their rush to ruin.

The grand wizard, the magic man himself, Barack Obama, publicly praised the Senate for the heroic vote to mandate the Reformist’s one hundred years effort to impose socialized healthcare on America. Americans have rejected big government’s intervention into our lives and into our businesses for the last one hundred years. Surely Barack Obama realizes, just as the American citizens realize, that the Reformists are the majority ruling party in both legislative houses and it took everyone of them voting strict party lines to pass the pending legislation, never considering the American citizenry and their demands. This is what candidate Obama meant when he spoke of fundamentally transforming America.

Corruption in the United States government is so pervasive, so common place, so much a standard operating procedure, that now the bribes and special deals are heralded as triumphs. One senator gets a new hospital for his state’s university in exchange for his vote. One state gets a shield against impending government programs. One particular industry in one particular state gets special considerations over other competing entities. One group of Americans are indemnified, while others are put at risk. One Senator get hundreds of millions of dollars to secure his vote, another gets billions.

The end users are the end losers. We Americans suffer at the hands of our own politicians, our own corrupt government. A democracy ensures equality of rights, opportunity and treatment. The Obama administration represents none of these



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