No Socialism


Politics is no longer that safe place over there, where other people like us, go to work, and take care of the business of governing the country, while we are at work, taking care of the business of running our lives. Now its all different. For the last 50 years there has been a slow and steady slide from the civil liberties and self determination of the individual to the control of the federal government.

A person can see it by following the money. From the national treasury to the states; for entitlements like “Head Start”, “No Child Left Behind” and other welfare programs, to infrastructure projects such as waste water treatment plants, new highways and specialty items like grants for colleges, academic and research studies and the arts and sciences. Its no wonder the federal government now has their hand in big business, banks, schools, and health care.

Its time to stop the madness, stop the out of control spending. We are the American people, we are making our voices heard. Being Americans has a rich and deep meaning for us. Living in America is about freedoms, liberties, initiative and independence. We are living in an era where these principles are vanishing. It is a huge mistake to think the government can care for you better than you can care for yourself. We are saying no to Socialism, saying no to the greater good mentality. We are Americans, we are the greater good.

Thomas Jefferson said, “a government who can give you everything you need, can take everything you have”. It makes no sense to tax the people who are working and give the money to the people who are not. Our federal spending is so out of balance, so misguided that people from all over the world are flocking to America for free schools, subsidized rent, food stamps, affirmative action, free health care…….this is unsustainable, unacceptable and a threat to our American way of living.



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