Ben Graber (D)

Short Biography

Summarized from his campaign brochure: Ben Graber, the son of Holocaust survivors, immigrated to the US after leaving a displaced persons camp in Germany and settled with his family in The Bronx. He attended Queens Colllege and Texas Tech U School of Medicine. For the past 28 years he has practiced Gyn. Surgery in Coral Springs.
In 1988 Ben was elected to the FL House. During his term in the State Leg, he was the Deputy Majority Leader, chaired the Health Committee and Chair of the Broward Legislative delegation. After four terms in the FL House, Graber served on the Broward County Commission starting in 2000, and became Mayor of the county in 2005. Ben has nearly 20 years of getting things done in S. FL as a Democrat and he and his wife Sandy have raised 3 daughters here. He lives in Delray Beach.

Top Issues

  • Healthcare Reform – This is his key issue. Had his own plan outlined for a long time. Is for mandatory arbitration. For a public option. Views current bills as a foundation and should be approved.
  • Foreign Policy – Bring the troops home now from Iraq and Afghanistan. Against escalation in Afghanistan. Israel: stop trying to force a peace agreement between Israel and her neighbors.
  • Principles – Supports Roe V Wade and a woman’s right to choose. For some form of gun control.

Our Assessment

Given the strong endorsements his primary opponent, Ted Deutch, has received, Ben Graber has an uphill battle in the primary election. He ran against Robert Wexler in the 2008 election and only received 6% of the vote. Dr. Graber, along with Alcee Hastings, was willing to debate Ed Lynch and Alan West on the original House Healthcare Bill (HR3200) a few months ago. He was knowledgeable about the bill’s contents as well on the issues from a physician’s perspective and seemed sincere in his views.

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