Time is running out – Special Election Primary District 19

If you reside in FL Congressional District 19 and want to vote in the Special Primary Election , you must be registered in either the Democratic Party or Republican Party to vote for the candidate of your choice in that specific party.  Independents and non-affiliated cannot vote in the primary.  We all know that.  But it’s time for you to look at your voter registration card and make sure that you’re registered in the party of the candidate you want to vote  for, and if you’ve recently moved, that you’ve updated your registration information!

Here are the voter-registration cut-off dates for both the Special Election Primary and the Special Election: 

  • District 19 Special Primary Election on 02/02/2010 – voter registration must be in by 01/04/2010
  • District 19 Special Election on 04/13/2010 – voter registration must be in by 3/15/2010

Absentee Ballot Request forms here.   Early voting for the primary begin on 1/25/10.

Go to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections website for more information.  And if you’ve moved recently and don’t know if you’re in CD 19 check on the Precinct Finder. 


One Response to “Time is running out – Special Election Primary District 19”
  1. Thank you for posting this *vital* information, Iris.

    Some folks will choose to remain “Independent”, which is fine of course… as long as you do so “eyes wide open” for this Special Primary Election. I would hate to see anyone that ‘wants’ to participate in the Primary, NOT get to participate due to an oversight…

    At the Gun & Knife show this past weekend, I congratulated Everett and the Tea Party for their efforts on Voter Registration there. Its a critical aspect of what we want to accomplish, and I stand behind their efforts to get more ‘pro-2nd Amendment’ guys out to the polls.

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