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President Obama’s foreign policies are miserable failures. Along with our president’s version of diplomacy, détente and pie in the sky ideology of the new world order; America had to contend with the real life, real time failures of our war on terrorism, deployment of our troops and the real risks this administration has failed to identify and evaluate.

It is time for America to resume her place as ‘peace makers’ not ‘peace keepers’. I am not suggesting America become the biggest bully on the block, the world’s police force or we take up the standard of any particular regime. First and foremost we protect ourselves, our nation, then live up to our responsibility as a world power. We fight terrorism wherever it threatens world stability and peace. We meet the threat with over whelming force and in such a way that does not put our troops in harm’s way. Where the F-18s and American missiles are overhead, there is security on the ground.

The real life, real time problems with terrorist and rogue regimes can be handled with a decisive straightforward methodology. One our allies can count on; America will use her might to end the fight. Just as she has done through out her history.

First, we resolve the Iranian situation with conventional surgical air strikes which target the nuclear enrichment facilities making bomb grade materials, the infrastructure surrounding the plants manufacturing missiles and associated launch sites. Devastating damage is not required. Any damage will significantly disrupt the continuing development and testing of advanced weapon systems.

In a time when the world powers are attempting to end the arms race, allowing rogue regimes to develop weapons of mass destruction is unconscionable. In the spirit of what now is called ‘recidivism’, the United States can not allow a relapse into the arms race. Air strikes such as these, will be a demonstrative action which satisfies the best interests of America and the region.

At the end of the day, we have not punished the Iranian people by imposing debilitating sanctions. We have not interfered with Iranian commerce or her trading partners. We have weakened the Ahmadinejad regime and given some hope to the opposition. We have diminished the threat to Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the region. Most importantly we have not jeopardized our standing with our allies and fringe friends. No major power will come to Iran’s defense, because we have not threatened any major power, not interiorly or in the world arena. Any outcry concerning violation of international law or what will be categorized as an act of war, for this preemptive strike, pales in significance to the real threat Iran poses.

Afghanistan is a more complicated situation than Iran. However, the principal of ‘might to end the fight’ and the methodology is the same. America’s objective is to seek out and destroy Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Hamid Karzai would welcome the American Forces as a way to bring the provinces under his control.

Surveillance, drones, helicopters and the Air Force would control the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Our tanks, armored divisions and the special ops could control the main roads and bridges. The country would be partitioned by historical topography, provincial boundaries and war lord’s areas of influence.

The local controlling militias would be asked to turn over the Taliban or identify their strong holds. Failure to do so would make them targets as part of the insurgency. To remove the threat of intimidation and reprisals the Afghan Army would need to occupy these areas to ensure the newly created stability and new hierarchy of leadership was allowed to flourish. Afghan commitment to this process is essential to its success. Afghan’s sovereignty is the key. Afghanis protecting Afghanis. Free from the Taliban and free from foreign occupying forces.

I know our naval capabilities and the support of our allies could stop the Somali pirates. Surely the U.S. presence in the area, our superior surveillance capabilities and our overwhelming fire power could restore safety to the international water ways.

Perhaps the most dangerous regime of them all is North Korea. Comically known as the Korean People’s Democratic Republic. This rogue nation has the capabilities for doing the most damage to the international community. The Korean regime has put all its resources into developing weapons of war. Since none of its super power neighbors are interested in these systems, the only explanation is Korea has developed these weapons for the sale and export to the third world nations. The international community must stand strong, stand together and committed to removing this threat. A 100% blockade of all materials into the country, freezing all the nation’s assets, removing Kim Jong from power and bringing Korea to the negotiation table is the only credible result.

This is a very important era for America. The liberals and the conservatives are jousting for position. Terrorism is on the rise. International hot spots explode into violence without warning or apparent provocation.

It is a time for effective and decisive action. A time to move forward with courage and conviction. As a nation we can not fully atone for the sins of our fathers. As a nation we can not attain social justice in all places for all people. As a nation we are as great as the vision of our leaders. We are as strong as our individual wills. We will always be burdened by the blight of our history. We will always bear the effects of the ’human condition’, as flawed or as magnanimous as it may be. Nothing stops the march of time. As the people of this great nation it is our turn to rise to the occasion and be the people we always wanted to be.


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