Launch of our 2010 Election Coverage

A Storm is Coming

In preparation for the 2010 election cycle, the South Florida 9-12 Project has begun building an election resource center for information on candidates for local, state, and national races.

Effective activism starts with information, and we want to empower our members with in-depth tools to analyse incumbent performance and candidate promises. For the Congressional races, links to sites like govtrack, congress.org, opensecrets and watchdog.net will provide profiles, finances, voting records and alignment with interest groups. For candidates without a public record, the 9-12 staff will be providing profiles assembled from multiple public sources and input from the candidates themselves and we will provide analysis of issue positions.

Since the candidates that align themselves with our principles and values can reasonably expect our members to support them as volunteers and contributors, we are providing “candidate blog” pages for any candidate to post messages to the group, announce campaign events, and discuss the issues through our comment features. Already we have several candidates participating and we can expect more as the we move into the new year.

Since the inception of this website in October of 2009, we have doubled our viewership every month, and the postings are followed by a wider audience than just the 9-12 membership. Consequently, we hope to become an election resource that voters can come to for fair and balanced information on the candidates, as well as a platform for highlighting (and hopefully helping) conservative candidates with whom we share values.

The South Florida 9-12 Project does not currently plan to endorse any candidates in the primary elections. However, we do have shared positions on issues and the direction of our country, and will not be shy about pointing out which candidates support or oppose our positions.

SO .. Please check out the beginnings of our election section HERE.

We currently have started coverage for Congressional Districts 16, 19, 20, 22 and 23 (with a focus on the special election in 19), as well as Florida House district 85 in which 2 of our members are running in the Republican primary. As time goes on we will add more meat to these areas with profiles and analysis, synopsis of past positions and news items about the candidates, as well as fill in the rest of the races with local interest.

As you will see, there is still a lot of work to do so we are looking for volunteers to help fill out the candidate profiles and do research. No web experience is necessary as we will provide all the tools you need. If you would like to help out, please contact us at info@southflorida912.org

Thank you for visiting southflorida912.org. A STORM IS COMING next year and we plan to be on the front lines in the struggle to restore competent, honest government in Washington, in Tallahassee, and in Palm Beach County!


3 Responses to “Launch of our 2010 Election Coverage”
  1. Gloria LeGette says:

    Unhappy with the way the Obama Administration is conducting our country and spending foolishly to break ouf country…I’m afraid for our Constitution also…too many czars, not enough transparency as he promised…

  2. Well said Gloria so glad to see you on the site!

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