Introducing Francisco Rodriguez, Candidate for FL State House, District 83


One of Francisco’s most passionate interests is the relationship between government and the Constitution. Within that document are the guiding principles for local, state, and national public policies—a plumb line for governing. With the Constitution of Florida and the documents handed down from our Founding Fathers as inspiration, Francisco is heading into the public service arena to offer his ideas and commitment to our community. 

* * * 

Francisco  Rodriguez is an active member of such organizations as Florida TaxWatch and the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches. He is also a Board member of the Palm Beach-based Constitution Committee of the United States and serves on the Palm Beach Board of Advisors for The James Madison Institute.  Francisco was born in West Palm Beach and grew up in Palm Beach Gardens. In the late 90s he graduated from Jupiter Christian School, where he developed his taste for politics. A 10th grade American Government teacher introduced him to a book called The Law by Frederick Bastiat, was key to developing his political paradigm. While taking elective classes in History and Constitutional Studies, Francisco went on to get his B.S. in biology at Pensacola Christian College. He currently works as the manager of science and research at Garden of Life, an industry leader in developing dietary health supplements. 

Francisco Rodriguez was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Florida Food Policy Council. The Florida Food Policy Council seeks to promote and monitor government actions that influence the availability, affordability, quality, and safety of our food supply. This includes issues that address child nutrition standards, taxes and regulations, markets for locally-grown food, emergency food supply, farmland preservation, and urban agriculture.  

In 2007 he married the girl of his dreams, fellow District 83 local Stacy Orr. They currently reside in Jupiter with their one year old Wheaten Terrier “Macie.” Francisco and Stacy attend Generation Church and are members of the Somerset of Abacoa Homeowners Association. Their families reside in District 83 as well.   The political and public policy interests of Francisco Rodriguez have nothing to do with impressive titles or identifying with special interest lobbies. He has a deeply rooted conviction to preserve and protect historic Palm Beach County values as well as a passion to promote limited, logical, and low-cost state government. When casting his votes as State Representative from District 83, Francisco Rodriguez will be using his copies of the Florida and the American Constitutions as guides.


3 Responses to “Introducing Francisco Rodriguez, Candidate for FL State House, District 83”
  1. Shannon Armstrong Shannon says:

    Francisco it is so GREAT to see you on the site! Great write up! I know you are the REAL DEAL! Blessings to you and your campaign. Keep us posted about events ect…

  2. Chris says:

    This is a native Floridian with the best interests of all Floridians in mind. Way to go Francisco!

  3. Carol says:

    Amazing to see you on the site! You are more than a great person! Best greetings to both you and your wife!

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