Happy New Year from Candidate Tami Donnally

Today is such an exciting time  to be active in the politcal world.  True Patriots, every day folks, are working together to share vital information about our country’s direction, and demanding that our elected officials once again become servants of “We the People.”  I inted to bring a new freshness to the office of Representative.  My greatest asset is that I have never held public office.  I am your neighbor- a wife, mother, grandmother, Floridian, and an American.  I hear your voices, understand your concerns, and am ready to work for YOU!


6 Responses to “Happy New Year from Candidate Tami Donnally”
  1. Shannon Armstrong Shannon says:

    Glad to see you on here! It is such a good thing to have your own blog for others to learn about you! I read your Christmas book and really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the end results. We are lucking to have such great candidates running from my district 85.

  2. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    I’d certainly like to learn about what she defines as a career politician. I wonder if her applying for Addie Greene’s empty County Commission seat and then filing afterwards for D85 when she didn’t get it applies.

    • Eileen says:

      I know Tami Donnally Personally and Professionally. Tami is a women of itellect and integrety. Most of us say we want a better life for our kids and grandkids but Tami isn’t just saying it, she’s doing it! I don’t know about you but I say it’s about time we have someone with good morals and values like Tami running for office. I support Tami Donnally 100%!

  3. American Confucius says:

    Parris85: Are you implying that simply because Tami Donnally is running for a seat that is different from the seat she previously applied for and lost necessarily means she is a career politician? If so, then your lack of reasoning skills disqualifies and discredits you from holding any representative seat. Even multiple attempts to run for different positions would still not make her a career politician, which refers to someone who has already made a career out of being a politician. In other words, she’s as much a career politician as you are. If you want to speculate on the candidates’ intent for running, your run for public office at such a young age strongly indicates, at least to me, that you aspire to make representative politics your career, whereas Tami Donnally comes into this race already with a non-political career under her belt. No offense, but mabe you should finish school before you run for public office. You’re right that there’s no age limit to bright ideas, but there is a limit to being bright. Having said that, I appreciate your enthusiasm to serve District 85.

    • Austin Parris Parris85 says:

      In light of the comment I have made about Mrs. Donnally’s candidacy for County Commission and subsequent candidacy for District 85, I have the following response to my detractors. First being that I did not intend to smear, denigrate, or attack, just merely question, and:

      1. My comment was about the fact that “career politician” is a relative term in how we use and define it. Take Ron Paul for example, having served more than 2 decades in the House of Representatives representing his constituents honorably. No one defines him as a career politician from the conservative side. Take Ted Kennedy (RIP) on the other hand, and we would define him up and down the street as a “career politician” intent only on holding office and doing nothing else. My point is, we use the term “career politician” only to describe people we disagree with, not often those we like.
      2. My comment regarding this was not intended to comment on Tami’s intent, which I’m sure is admirable, but rather on the fact that it’s a vague qualification. List of candidates in District 85 without previous office experience: Austin Parris, Tami Donnally, DJ DeRenzo, and Daniel P. Landolfi. Funny, that’s all of us. So if Tami’s best qualification is that she’s never held office, and none of us except Abruzzo have, it leaves us at common ground once again.
      3. Now that we understand that there is common ground to work from (ie, none of us are politicians yet), you have to have some other way to differentiate the candidates, there being 4 of us and all (isn’t it great so many people want to represent this year?). That will come later if and when we have a debate for the District.
      4. Speaking of debate, I have 3 years experience in competitive speech/debate, and I’ll tell you something I learned from it: every statement we ever made in debate rounds HAD to be backed up with either a defense, reasoning, or evidence or we’d be called out on it. Go to my blog entitled “Who is Austin Parris? A Biography”. When I am questioned about party issues, I simply answered them, no problem, because I knew that was part of the game and I have nothing to hide. It’s unfair to call someone out for questioning statements made by a candidate, and to me, that just actually perpetuates the system we have now. If I’m a candidate, I am responsible for every spoken and written word that I make once I file for candidacy, until I decide to ever stop running for office.
      5. In my own defense, my logic is fairly sound in both my overall philosophy and my platform, which none of my opponents currently display. I have issues, and solutions for those issues, including in-depth research and consultations from those within those fields.

      All in all, if there are any feelings hurt over my comment, I do apologize, but statements made in the open public on a forum like this and at Republican clubs and meetings are fair game, no exceptions for anybody, including myself. Again, check my blog to see how I as a candidate and person have responded to tough questioning.

  4. Sean says:

    Geeze Tami’s supporters are vicious. Whats wrong with competition?? Did you think that Austin Parris was just going to let Tami take the Republican nomination for his district; when in the past Republicans, of which he is one, have destroyed this great state? We need a primary as contested as this will be because the Republicans voting for candidates like Tami have not learned a lesson yet…She is following the same Republicans that ruined our party and our state. Lets not elect a follower of liers and minipulators, instead, take a chance on electing a bright young man who can champion the issues of Florida’s future. If brains have anything to do with quality or qualification then maybe Tami and Austin would each consent to an I.Q. test, if not, then the whole idea Confucius has loses all its meaning!

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