Yard Sale for FREEDOM!

This is a different kind of Meetup, because it doesn’t require a “Meetup” at all.  You can do this in your own community, neighborhood, even driveway!!!

The earthquake in Haiti three weeks ago has brought attention to the dispicable practice of human trafficking.  Every 30 seconds, another person becomes a victim of slavery, with 27 million people enslaved worldwide — that’s more than the population of Texas.  Sadly, over 80% of the victims are women and children.  Florida is #2 in the nation for reported cases of human trafficking.  As if the story wasn’t sad enough, to find that this blight touches us in our own backyard is a wake up call.  Read this article from the Palm Beach Post.


Register your group or individual Yard Sale for Freedom at:


Your yard sale will be advertised in the Palm Beach Post, Sun-Sentinel, craigslist, and various public libraries.

Start your spring cleaning a little bit early this year, by sorting through your household for unwanted items, and asking your friends to contribute items.  Realize that just about anything will sell if it’s a bargain.  Make sure your yard signs say specifically “YARD SALE FOR FREEDOM” on them, so people will know that your sale has a higher purpose.  If you have any more questions, don’t hestitate to drop me a line at


Educate yourself about this issue:

Not for Sale — http://www.notforsalecampaign.org
International Justice Mission — http://www.ijm.org
Love 146 — http://www.love146.org
Polaris Project — http://www.polarisproject.org
A21 — http://www.theA21campaign.org
Christ Fellowship — http://gochristfellowship.com/help-people/missions-outreach/freedom/

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Born Again American

Very powerful video – watch it then click HERE for more information.  Although it was started by liberals (Norman Lear and People for the American Way) – it is surely a non-partisan message.

Vote on Tuesday, February 2 – District 19 Special Election Primary

Early voting ended at 2pm Sunday 1/31.

Tuesday is your last chance to make a difference and turn out for your candidate.  You can only vote in the primary if you are registered as a Democrat or Republican.

The polls are open from 7am – 7pm on Tuesday.    Precinct and polling locations can be found here.  Also checkout polling location changes to ensure that you are going to the correct place here!

 For more information contact the Supervisor of Elections at (561) 656-6200 or go to the PBC Supervisor of Elections website.

Video from CD 19 Town Hall – Q 8-10, Closing

Courtesy of Boris Balaban
Question 8

Question 9

Question 10


Video from CD 19 Town Hall – Q 1-7

Courtesy of Boris Balaban
Candidates opening

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Question 6

Question 7

Video From CD 19 Town Hall – Beginning

Courtesy of Boris Balaban


Speech by Shannon Armstrong

Opening song

Ed Fulop reads speech

Joyce Kaufman part 1

Joyce Kaufman part 2

O’Reilly / Beck hit Tampa (1 day after Obama’s visit)

The city of  Tampa was alight last night with political buzz-talk, patience-testing traffic, and high-profile national figures in town on consecutive days.  President Barack Obama came to town with Vice-President Joe Biden on Thursday (1/28), followed immediately by Fox News hosts Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck on Friday (1/29). Wow! A combustible pair of pairs, to be sure – and Tampa natives were talking about it. Shannon and I just returned driving home this afternoon, after witnessing Beck and O’Reilly speak live last night at the USF Sun Dome.

The “Bold And Fresh 2010 Tour” had a humorous, if unanticipated,  dramatic subtext Friday night, as told to the rapturous crowd by Beck. On the eve of President Barack Obama’s Wednesday night State of the Union address, the White House contacted the University of South Florida, requesting use of the campus’ Sun Dome arena as a public town hall venue to unveil Central Florida’s high-speed rail line. University officials declined, advising the White House that the date of their request had already been booked (Thursday, 1/29): And by none other than Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, for 2 nights. Reportedly incensed, the White House suffered the indignation of losing the anticipated 10,000 seat Sun Dome to two of the Obama administration’s most vocal rivals from Fox News, and instead settled for the far smaller 2,600 seat Bob Martinez Sports Center across town at the University of Tampa.

The 4:00 and 8:00 shows were both “sold-out” well in advance of the show[Tampa Bay Times, 1/29].) I experienced a feeling of… “vindication”, I suppose. As entertained (thoroughly!) as I was by Beck (and equally O’Reilly), my mind continually shifted to 3 distinct moments of political shift in America, in the last 12 months: 1- The inauguration of Obama in January 2009, 2- the health care town halls during the Congressional recess in August 2009, and 3- The elevation, by the people of Massachusetts, of an avowed CONSERVATIVE into the US Senate, displacing the 40-yr liberal legacy of Ted Kennedy. It was “one year later” – and we realized we were NOT going to allow the progressive wrecking ball to pulverize the pillars of our Constitution & Bill Of Rights, without a fight…

Collectively, 11 college student protesters were present with signs, and foul-mouthed insults about “teabaggers” and the like… but it served only as a visible manifestation of what The 9/12 Project-founder Glenn Beck has told us for 12 months now: “WE surround THEM.”

We did. 8,000… to 11. And for one night of uncomfortable truth served up onstage with a heaping side of laughter – it felt GOOD.

(CODA: Upon reading the Friday edition of The Tampa Tribune at my hotel last night, with its Obama-Biden ‘high-speed rail’ coverage, I couldn’t ignore the ‘average ages’ seen in the attendant photos… a median age range of 25-35, I’d say. Immediately, I reflected on the older Sun Dome crowd, averaging ages from 50-60, or so. This leads me to think we can’t satisfy ourselves with victories like Scott Brown for too long… a generational shift, spearheaded by progressive educators nationwide indoctrinating our youth, is in progress. The rise and election of Obama, and the progressive-liberal-Democratic majorities in Congress are no ‘mistakes’ – they were calculated. We must EDUCATE ourselves as never before, in God’s Word and in the words and purpose of our founding documents. There were record numbers of young people who voted in 2008, and they largely voted for Barack Obama over a ticket with Sarah Palin on it. Why? How do we REACH those young people? How do we reach them, before THEY one day interpret, and create, our nation’s laws? I know history shows us Liberty is not a blessing for the “timid”… and we must reach our youths, with the TRUTH, while we still can, for there truly is a “culture war” for their hearts and minds. The message of “Common Sense” in American life – the message of Thomas Paine, along with the lessons of Washington, Adams, Lincoln, Reagan, and now BECK – is more timely than ever.)

(P.S. – Thanks to Boris for meeting up with Shannon and me in Tampa! Great pre-show conversation at Carrabba’s, my friend!)

Bold and Fresh

Bold and Fresh

Bold and Fresh

Bold and Fresh 








Doug and I had a great time going to Tampa for a much needed fun weekend! The event to see Glenn Beck and Bill O’ Reilly was really  entertaining. The parking was awful but once we got thru the mess we walked briskly up to the front of the Sun dome to be confronted with at least ( I counted ) 6 protester’s… They were yelling comments about us having people T bag us and described the act… very uncivilized. I enjoyed a little confrontational conversation back. ( I can get a little mouthy at times… ask My dad and My Husband…)

     Glenn and Bill did a great job keeping things current with commentary about the President’s State of the Union address, Nancy Pelosi and her plastic surgery and Vice Pres Bidens ability to stand behind Obama and mime so well. It seems that the Pres wanted the Sun Dome for his event about the speed rail but when they contacted the USF Sun dome people they advised the the “Obama People” that Glenn and Bill had it reserved – ha ha.

     We met up with some friends while we were there and had a great time. It will be a worthy purchase when it comes out on DVD – did I mention that they recorded that event for the movie.

Glenn and BillProtesters

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