Can I Take Off the Kid Gloves Now? A Candidate Gets Candid.

Some of you aren’t going to like what I’m about to say, and by some, I mean those people who still think rhetoric passes for knowledge and not having a platform makes you more principled than one who does. I’m not going to name names, it’s not necessary. However, I am about to break the door open on this campaign, and what I am about to say holds true for every campaign and election in this country past, present, and future.

Every year it’s the same thing. It’s like a reverse game of “I Know You Are But What Am I?” between candidates trying to decide who’s more principled, with nothing coming of it besides personal attacks and massive amounts of rhetoric, and who gets screwed? We, the voters do. Our politicians continue to disguise themselves with patriotic phrases and terms, trying to endear themselves to a group of people with whom they usually have very little in common.

Well, I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of pretending to put up with the BS I hear from candidates (in all races), and so I will from now on speak frankly to you, because I too am a voter. I vote for my reps just like everyone else, including the race I currently am a candidate in. So let’s begin.

I don’t know how to bake cookies, so sue me. However, I DO understand what the originalist intent of the founders is, have read the Debates in the Federal Convention, and I have researched plans for every issue I want to tackle in the State House. Maybe once I fix education, pass a 10th amendment resolution, and restore some common sense to this government, I’ll figure out a nice cookie recipe to bake.

It’s not difficult to look at myself and my opponents websites to see who has the most researched, informed, and prepared positions. I am prepared to debate on every single issue and I gladly issue this challenge openly to every single candidate in this race in any forum. Name a time and a place and I’ll be there. You won’t hear this from any of my opponents, because they have nothing to say past rhetoric and blanket statements with no foundation.

My ideas are built on a foundation of bricks, theirs are built upon hay and sticks. When Big Bad Wolf government comes to threaten our liberties, waste our money, and deteriorate our future, which house will you hide in?

Keep in mind folks that these are not personal attacks of character or integrity, or anything of that nature. I am above that, and all of my opponents on either side know that. Ideas, or a lack thereof is totally fair game, and I am going to call them like I see them. You can compare all of us within this race if you’d like, but you’re only going to find one candidate with coherent ideas and objective empirical evidence to truly win one for the Constitution. Go ahead and look, I’m confident that I’m right.

Being a neighbor doesn’t make you a representative. Neither does being a wife, grandmother, or Floridian (guess which of these I am). All these qualities do is imbue you with a sense of motive, that’s it. If I could put it in mathematical terms, Motive =/= Solutions. There’s something missing in that equation, and so it should look more like: Motive+Ideas+Research = Solutions. Unlike algebra, however, we can’t do reverse equations to figure out variables like Ideas when they don’t exist for us.

I’ve been told that I’m costing myself an election by putting my ideas out there. Is that what we really want? A representative voted in on the idea of “Don’t worry about the ideas I’ll propose, just trust me”? Really? Sounds like we already have that and it doesn’t really work. My humble suggestion is to achieve a different result by using a different method.

Go ahead. This is an open challenge to any of my detractors, both candidate and voter, regardless of party. I’ll show you what a real representative is when you do the comparisons.


6 Responses to “Can I Take Off the Kid Gloves Now? A Candidate Gets Candid.”
  1. Shannon Armstrong Shannon says:

    Good morning Austin and Happy New Year! Strong words that fit the person you are. Continue to stand true and I do encourage a debate great idea! Let the best candidate stand!

  2. ConservativeDiva Ellen Snyder says:

    I agree…be yourself!!! Happy New Year Austin…xoxo

  3. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    With all due respect, I don’t think my opponents will ever own up and do a debate with me. I’d love to see it, and I’d love to do it, believe me, but I don’t think they’ll answer the challenge.

  4. Sean says:

    It is up to everyone that reads this to call the candidates up for a debate!!! Do not let them get away with not being candid. You cant spell candidate without candid or community without unity.

  5. T Chalkley says:

    “Hey, you’re right! I don’t like what you say. It’s disappointing to hear the same combative tone amongst people in office, running for office or trying to hold onto a seat – especially when they are in the same party. We should all want what’s best for our cities, counties, states, country without having to drag down other people – Really? aren’t we all on the same side anyway? I think people DO want someone who can identify with them representing their interests in government. You might want to change your tone or even your strategy. If you wanna take off your kid gloves and fight, try fighting policies and not people.

    • Austin Parris Parris85 says:

      Mrs. Chalkley, I really do appreciate your honesty. It’s what’s great about America that we can be so honest with each other while politely disagreeing.

      You’re right. We’re in the same boat, ultimately this primary is meant to help us decide who will take down Joseph Abruzzo in 2010. We need the best candidate and we need to figure out who that is.

      This is why I propose a debate between all four candidates in this primary, wherein we share our platforms, debate issues, and show our district all we can to give the best options possible.

      As many will tell you, I am a very issue-oriented candidate, and since the beginning of my candidacy I have maintained a detailed platform and an insistence on the issues, because that is what the citizens of Florida and District 85 need most.

      So, if I offended you or rubbed you the wrong way, I ask for your forgiveness, but I am unapologetic for what I have said in this blog, because I feel it needed to be said. I also know that as close as you are to Tami, that there is no sense in trying to sway you, so I will end with this:

      It’s great that we have 4 people running for the same republican primary spot. My tone was not meant to be combative, but assertive, and I hope you won’t confuse the two, and in the future I will do my best to ensure that statements like these do not appear as so.

      Thank you for your response, your patriotism, and your honesty.

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