Rally for Israel!

Ed Lynch District 19 Candidate

Ed Lynch District 19 Candidate

Joe Budd  District 19 Candidate
Joe Budd District 19 Candidate





                                 Some times I listen to people talk about how busy they are and how hard it is to get involved and do something… to be honest it really annoys me. I am willing to place a honest handshake that I am busier than most. However I am proud to say that even with how busy we are a group of us went to stand for Israel last Wednesday. I left work early having gone to work early and skipped  lunch and I drove down to Broward blvd and 3rd to stand with others in support of Israel there was about a 100+ people with signs and flags. It felt so good to be there. Joyce Kaufman spoke and introduced Allen West, Robert Lowry, and Ed Lynch, and Joe Budd. It was a lively crowd and they were eager to hear the candidates speak. I however think the speaker of the night was Tuly Wultz who when visiting Tel Aviv lost his son to a suicide bomber. He truly was a heart felt speaker and very moving. The stand for Israel is an on going endeavor and they have several events planned here locally in Palm Beach County. Every Monday, The rally is at Noon at Jog Rd. and Gateway in Boynton Beach, and from 3-5 P.M. in front of F.A.U. on Glades Rd. in Boca Raton. Please contact Shalom International http://www.defendjerusalem.net/ for more information.

I hope that in the future no matter how busy you are that you come out and stand with the other Patriots for Israel. I must say I was so glad to see a special 912 Patriot Dmitry Levin there as well and he was quoted in the Miami Herald http://www.miamiherald.com/news/broward/story/1404073.html
if you have a second to read the details. Great job Dmitry! God Bless America and Israel!

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