“End the Fed” by Ron Paul — an excerpt

from page 210 (last page)

     What is left for us to do?  The future looks bleak.  The power elites are hunkering own, and there’s no sign that anyone in Washington cares, listens, or understands the issue of money and the power of the Fed.  Does that mean that our only option is to go into survival mode?  I don’t think so.  There’s a rumbling in the heartland, and anger is building.  Harnessing that anger and converting it into positive and constructive energy could have favorable consequences beyond our imagination.  It’s time to become energized, not despondent, over the tragic mess that has been imposed upon us.

     We have a natural, God-given right to our lives, our liberties, and the fruits of our labor.

     Protecting those rights is the only role that government ought to have in a free society.  To restrain the government from doing more requires a morally determined people willing to assume self-responsibility, rejecting dependence on government force to mold the economy, society, or individual behavior.

     If the freedom movement continues to grow as it has these past two years, I would say that there is plenty of room for optimism.  Freedom and central banking are incompatible.  It is freedom we seek, and when that precious goal is achieved, the chant “End the Fed!” will become a reality.


One Response to ““End the Fed” by Ron Paul — an excerpt”
  1. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    Great post, Ed. Glad Ron Paul is finally seeing his works come to some fruition. As you know, I worked on the Ron Paul campaign in 2007 with Dean Taffel and I have been a member of Campaign for Liberty since it’s inception.

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