Mike Lameyer for Florida Senate District 27

I would like to thank all of the 9/12 members for the encouragement to get involved in the fight for our freedoms. It’s official I am a candidate for the Florida State Senate District 27. The future fights are going to be between the Federal Government and the States. States can and should protect it’s citizens from the federal governments tyranny. I will be needing help, as much as I can get.  I can be contacted by email. The campaign web-site is HERE. My email address is mike@mikelameyer.com. Once again thank you. Fights on!


2 Responses to “Mike Lameyer for Florida Senate District 27”
  1. bigbare bigbare says:

    Mike, First I want to Thank You for your service to America
    Then I want to Thank You for your decision to be of service to the Citizens of the 27th Senate District.

  2. Andrew33 Andrew33 says:

    It’s Joel, the blogger. I will be doing a post on you here shortly. I am under the weather now, and am behind.

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