Lower Taxes Now

They  Saved  OVER  34  MILLION  in  Volusia  County   the  1st  Year
 Mission:  To  Reduce  Government  Spending  in  Palm  Beach  County   
 Featured  Speaker:  Margie Patchett (you’ve heard her on Joyce Kauffman)
Executive  Director  of  LowerTaxesNow.Org
She  began  from  home  in  ’06  with  25  People
Now  has  active  groups  in  23  Florida  Counties
 If  Waste  Fraud  &  Abuse  of  Taxpayer  $  “Ticks  You  Off”
 Join  Us  Friday  January  15th 
Center  Court  @  “Old” Wellington Mall
6:00  pm  Sign  In/Networking  
6:30  pm  Meeting 
 Get  Directions:
 Everyone  is  Invited 
Tweet  –  Blog  –  Post  –  Email  –  Call
Friends  –  Family  –  Neighbors  –  Co-Workers
Groups  –  Clubs  –  Churches  –  Associations  Etc.
561-582-6166  Suzanne
561-385-4922  Lynne  
 More  Information:
 LTN  has  the  Teeth  to  Turn  Around  “Corruption County”
–  Weetha  Peabul


2 Responses to “Lower Taxes Now”
  1. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    Count me in. We need serious property tax reform in this state.

  2. Non-Profit Teaches PBC Citizens Proven Program to Lower Taxes Now

    LowerTaxesNow.org is a Non-Profit group that educates and empowers citizens to take basic steps to ensure the proper oversight, maintenance and reduction of their local Governments taxing and spending. They identify waste fraud and abuse, hold officials accountable, and encourage attendance at public budget workshops and hearings to improve the economy and quality of life in Florida.

    This all began with Margie Patchett from her home in July ’06 with 25 people. 6 weeks later they presented their county council over 10K “Reduce Real Estate Tax” petitions. Then 600 people attended the county budget meeting and successfully pressed Volusia County to go to the “Roll Back Rate”. Their influence encouraged the city of Daytona Beach to reduce its proposed budget by 14%.

    They Saved Taxpayers OVER 34 Million the 1st year!

    Consider Orange County’s Public Wages:
    $131,000.00 Chief of Staff (27 yr old) to Mayor
    $192,000.00 Library Director
    $246,000.00 Toll Authority Director
    $ 38,000.00 Average Private Wage

    The figures don’t lie. When taxpayers see them and they’ve had enough, they do something about it. Lower Taxes Now proves the program works because a small number of well trained people have made a big impact in their local Government.

    We’re excited to announce Palm Beach County’s guidance will come from Executive Director Margie Patchett, the featured speaker, 6 pm Friday, January 15th at the “Old” Wellington Mall, 12794 W. Forrest Hill Blvd., Wellington, FL 33414.

    Everyone is invited to join us as Margie imparts her knowledge, skills, and experience to local taxpayers in the Malls “Center Court”. 6 pm Sign In & Networking 6:30 pm Meeting (RSVP Please PBCTaxReform@gmail.com )

    Advisory to Media: Margie Patchett is available for interviews by phone @ 386.212.3968

    For More Information:

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