The problem with this scenario is that the Democrats have already started planning for this. Thats why you see so many incumbent Dems resigning. They will bring in a new candidate; who has already passed the left wing litmus test; and make it look like he is going to be the new & more different than ever before” Democrat”. Just like Clinton. Just like Obama. That way they can run against the Incumbent Republican and say they are brand new and “I didn’t vote for that Health Care legislation” although they would have joined right in with the Criminal payoff scheme, had they been there. Until the “TEA PARTY” movement gets organized and can compete in the elections, we will have to vote Republican, at least in the next or next two elections. This will mess up the Lobbyist and Special Interest Group effort. Their connections will be broken and they will have to start again. If you really want to “VOTE OUT THE INCUMBENT” do it in the primaries. Vote for the most Conservative candidate or put in your own  to be in the next election. But what ever you do, do not vote Democrat!!! They have been taken over by the extreme Left Wing section of their Party. And as you can see in Ben Nelson [D] Nebraska, there are no Conservative Dems. If you want our Country to be the USA and not the USSA, vote for anybody except Democrats!! And remember , “In the case of Skunks and Politicians you should always keep your distance.”

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