In Defense of Tea Parties

Today in the Daily Beast is an excellent article by Tunku Varadarajan that explores the way the liberal elite (and also so-called conservatives like David Brooks) view the movement. 

Popular though it may be for “educated” people to sneer at the Tea Party crowd, professional politicians dismiss the movement at their peril.

He argues that:

Yes, the populists (ie. tea partiers) fear and hate the big businesses and Wall Street; but—and this is the heartening thing—they have not let this turn them against capitalism and the free market. They seem truly to have taken in the point, long emphasized by libertarians and others, that big business is not the same thing as capitalism or the free market, that it is in fact often their enemy.

and then concludes that

So by this reckoning, the Tea Parties would be a very serious development in which anti-big business forces would finally join with anti-big government forces to create a genuine free-market party that would maximize the opportunities of the little guy

For the full article, click HERE.

And here is a video that he likes very much:

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