Responses to a Blog in the Palm Beach Post on Harry Reid’s “foot-in-mouth” disease


Double standard! When Biden called Obama “clean and articulate”, everybody said “Oh, that’s just crazy old Joe.” Reid calls him “light-skinned” black, and able to throw a “Negro-dialect” switch, and they are sure he meant nothing by it. Clinton says he’s the first black president, and everyone grins and claps.  However, when Don Imus called the Rutgers girls “nappy headed ho’s”, he needed to be fired immediately. When Trent Lott praised an old man on his birthday with an nod to his presidential run, he was run out of town.

Some people are more equal than others.

I’m not advocating anything that Thurmond stood for, don’t get me wrong. Segregation was one of America’s many black eyes during a turbulent time in our country’s “growing up” after slavery.  The reality of Lott’s remarks were nothing more than praise for an elder collegue, not an embracing of views Thurmond held 50+ years earlier.  The thing you fail to recognize is that despite a segregationist stance as a Southern Dixiecrat, the people of his state kept re-electing him.  Are you calling everyone in South Carolina stupid?  He was their chosen representative, so I guess they got over it.  The only way to move on as a country from these blights of the past is to forgive (not forget). Case in point — The countries of Japan and Germany killed thousands of Americans during World War II, right?  Do you still hold it against them today?  What’s in your driveway or garage?  Who made the computer your reading this on right now? Look at the political statement your purchases made to someone that notices those things.

Truth be told, I could care less about Reid’s comments — I’m ready to move on. Politics, however, is a game of paybacks.  That’s all this synthetic furor is really about.  It’s about the patriotic resistance being called racists because they oppose Obama’s policies and ideas, but someone within the progressive movement makes what is, by definition, a blatant racist remark, and he is forgiven before he apologizes.  Here’s my proposition for you — take us at our word that we could care less that Obama is black, and legitimately have problems with his philosophy of social justice.  In turn, we’ll take you at your word that the progressive movement isn’t evil, and you truly believe that what you are doing is right.  If we accept those 2 premises on faith, we can debate the real issues on their own merits.

I’m betting that you — or any other progressive reading this — won’t be able to respond without calling me stupid, or disparaging my mother in some capacity. Prove me right.

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