Alright, so I know a few lobbyists…

You know, I have a confession to make, I have my hands tied by some lobbyists.

Well, they’re not really lobbyists. They’re actually my future constituents, of which I am part (just cause you’re a candidate doesn’t mean you’re no longer a voting citizen, in fact it’s probably that notion that helps elected officials lose sight of who they really are).

The only endorsement I’ll ever need is of those who I will serve.

The only platform I’ll ever need is the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Florida.

Let it be said here, and as I said at the REC, that I am not beholden to any party, any one person or any entity other than my personal convictions and my constituents. I am a voter, and as an elected official I will follow through on these three things if NOTHING else:

1. I will keep in touch with my constituents as closely as possible by creating an internet forum and town hall meetings that allow me to take polls, answer questions, and hear suggestions from the thousands that make up this District. I will NOT be an invisible official.

2. I will remember that I too am a member of this district and a voter myself, and where I came from. Elected officials are not some elite class of individuals, they’re humans and imperfect just like you and I. I’m not going to forget that and if I ever do, may the voters and those closest to me hold me accountable for it.

3. I will NOT vote to raise taxes during a recession or otherwise. EVER. Bad idea, and not because I like the idea of being elected, it really doesn’t make sense. To steal a phrase from JG Wentworth “Its your money, use it when YOU need it” (with apologies to JG Wentworth, they are not in any way affiliated with my campaign, but it is their slogan and since I borrowed the quote credit is given where it is due). You can spend your money better than we as a government can, and the reason is because you have the final control over it when it’s in your hands. The truth is, our government should re-establish itself into a limited set of designated perennial priorities that are essential to the overall survival and existence of the state, and after that, everything else should be off limits.

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